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In the main area, we get our typical gossipy aftermath, as Coushaine exposits that Schillinger treated both Beecher's ankles equally. Said seethes to Arif that Schillinger did this, and I hope Beecher realizes what a prick he was to Said last episode. Ryan, too, is outraged. McManus storms up and asks what happened, and Metzger faux-sincerely says he doesn't know, but he'll find out. Given how angry he was at Mack Daddy's death, he's totally tipping his hand here. The shock is that it looks like McManus might actually be picking up on that. Amazing. Cut to Beecher, casts on his arms and legs. He's seething, but that could be because he hasn't shaved his stupid beard and now he can't scratch. Serves him right. In the Pod of Pernicious Plots, Keller puts his arms on Toby's bed and looks like he actually misses him. Well, nothing says "I'm sorry" like a sponge bath and a blowjob. And yeah, you probably don't want to know what says "I love you" in Oz.

In a hallway, McManus asks Glynn what he knows about Metzger. Glynn's answer: Nothing, basically. Well, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to tell us that, Leo. Sheesh. I hope you at least make your own coffee in the mornings. Later, McManus is looking out the window of his office when Metzger passes by and gives him the fakest of fake smiles. You'd think McManus would be used to that, but maybe most people flip him the bird instead. I know I do. And now that they've established that McManus is onto Metzger, I will be ten times as annoyed if they drop it without explanation.

Hill tells us that you can escape Oz through your soul, as we see Adebisi in the cage. Good one, Fontana. Next thing you know you'll be telling us that Poet can escape through his brains. Or that Rick Fox can escape through his acting.

Wangler enters his pod and tells Adebisi that Nappa got hold of their drugs. Their henchman from the cafeteria opines that they have to take care of Nappa, and Adebisi says they will. Wangler impatiently asks when, saying that Adebisi has done nothing but lie around for the past two days, even missing his shifts in the kitchen. Adebisi hops down from the top bunk, gives Wangler his patented once-over, and asks, "Are you giving me orders, Kenny?" Hee. Someone needs to be put in his place. And that place would be on his knees. Cut to the library, where Adebisi enters to find Slipcover Guy reading. Slipcover Guy, by the way, has some small seashells in front of him, which we saw briefly in the last episode, but I didn't bother to recap it because I didn't think I'd see them again. Or maybe it was just that I didn't want to see them again. Actually, I didn't want to see this subplot again at all, but Fontana obviously wrote this episode specifically to annoy me, so maybe I can take the seashell thing as a twisted shout-out and get on with this already. Adebisi asks if he can see the future, and Slipcover Guy says he foresaw that they would meet. Flash to Slipcover Guy performing some sort of ritual over a boy who appears very sick, in the presence of a distraught woman and several other onlookers. There's a knock at the door, and a man in the room opens it, but Slipcover Guy freaks, yells at them, and closes the door, whereupon he resumes the ritual. Cut to Slipcover Guy in the glass cage. "Prisoner Number 98J604. Kipekemie Jara." Criminally negligent homicide. Twenty years, parole in eight. Back in the library, Jara tells Adebisi that he thinks he was sent to Oz for him, to tell him that if he doesn't give up the drugs and the violence, he'll die. Adebisi points out that that's inevitable anyway, but Jara, upon learning that Adebisi has been in America for fifteen years, says that he's lost his sense of home. Adebisi is all, thanks, but I don't want to identify with a home whose people don't protect what they have. Jara's all, whatever, because when you die, your soul returns to its birthplace, and you must embrace it to find peace. He hands Adebisi a hat of his very own. Adebisi puts it on, and Jara, you got gypped, because this hat looks good.

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