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Pete's office. She tells a new-hat-wearing Adebisi that his urine test came back clean. Adebisi's like, woman, didn't I tell you so? Pete notes that he actually looks happy, and Adebisi says that she was right that he was using drugs to escape from himself. Pete smiles and leans back like, "They set 'em up, and I knock 'em down." Seriously, Pete? I like you and all, but don't act like that bit of wisdom couldn't have been found on a Bazooka wrapper. You are no Toni Pavone, nor are you Dr. Melfi. Adebisi says that for the first time since he's come to Oz, he's found family. I rape you! You rape me! Ooh, sorry. That one's not fit for the kids. Although I have wished some ungodly things on that purple dinosaur.

Ryan and Wangler pedeconference about the fact that Nappa is saying that he controls the drug trade now. Wangler isn't impressed, but Ryan opines that Wangler can't trust Adebisi at the moment. I'd be annoyed at Ryan for turning on his boyfriend, but right at that moment they see Adebisi staring wide-eyed at unseen things and talking to himself, so I can't really blame him. That's going to be me soon, though. Did I mention that this episode is 67 minutes of airtime? When Wangler leaves, Cyril tells Ryan that what he said was bad. Ryan: "In Oz? Bad is good." In that case, Ryan, you and Keller should be altar boys. Just stay away from Sippel.

Shirtless Ryan! It's late in the game here, Tom, but you still might make it out with a decent grade. Yes, I'm that shallow. Ryan shaves in between Nappa and Pancamo. He says that Adebisi and crew are starting to crack. Ah, a late return by Mickey O'Velli! A very happy development indeed. Nappa mentions the Jara factor, which Ryan already knows about. Pancamo slips Ryan some drugs, and Ryan tells Nappa he doesn't use anymore, but only sells. Nappa and Pancamo leave, but on the way out, Nappa tells Pancamo that he wants Jara dead. I don't understand why he wants to kill the man who's taken Adebisi out of the equation, but I'm aware enough of future developments to know that this misjudgment will be severely punished, so with a last look at Ryan's shirtless upper body, I'll let it go.

Gym. Wangler and his crew are playing hoops when Nappa and Pancamo come to see them. Nappa says that since it's the season finale, Adebisi has gone Loonier than a Tune, so with him out of the game, he proposes that they work together. Wangler tries to stick up for Adebisi, but when Nappa reminds them that he's got all the drugs and they've got squat, Wangler does the remedial math he's capable of and agrees. They shake hands, but Nappa's like, oh, I almost forgot, I have a little job for you. Since when do Mafiosos subcontract murder? I thought that violated professional pride.

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