Escape From Oz

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See No Evil

Jara lumbers around the kitchen as Wangler complains to Adebisi that the old man is slowing them down. Adebisi easily tells him to shut up, and then goes to get something from the supply closet. Wangler takes the opportunity to unceremoniously stab Jara in the back. Little prick. Adebisi returns and looks on in horror. He runs to the old man's side after he's fallen, and it's just possible that Adebisi doesn't realize what's happened and thinks he's having a heart attack or something, although the fact that no one moved to help him is a sign to the contrary. Jara moans that he's going home, and that he'll see Adebisi there. His hand opens, the shells fall to the ground, and he dies. Farewell, Slipcover Guy. May your headgear be higher quality in whatever existence awaits you next. Actually, I found that little bit surprisingly moving. I guess I thought the guy had some mystical powers or something, so to find out he was just a frail old man was a little sad. Adebisi leans his head on Jara's chest, but perks up when he hears drums and African music. The music gets louder, and Adebisi rises to his feet, looks skyward, strips down to his underwear, and starts rocking out just as Nappa and Pancamo enter. It's just like a rave, except for the disapproving Italians. Eventually, the hacks come and drag Adebisi away. Okay, so it's like a rave that ends very badly. I guess the disapproving Italians were an omen.

McManus chews Wangler out, asking how he could not know what happened to Jara. Wangler says that Adebisi has been detoxing and acting crazy, "and then he goes and stabs that sweet old man." Well, that statement wasn't quite as fake as Metzger's smile, but it was pretty damn close. Wangler looks up at Glynn and McManus like, "Are you guys buying this?" Ass.

Adebisi gets put into the psych ward, right next to Peter Schibetta. There's a glory hole joke there, but really, I'm sure you guys already thought of it. Pete shakes her head and thinks, "Maybe a refresher course in psych would be a good idea for me." Amen, sister.

Another way to escape from Oz? Clemency. Said's in the cage.

Said's taking a piss in his pod when Arif pokes his head in and says the phone's ready for him. Said grabs a copy of his book and leaves, without washing his hands. Ew. I'm sure Allah would frown on that. Downstairs, Said reports for a radio interview. I'm sure Glynn's going to love that! It'll be just like an episode of Gomer Pyle when he yells, "Sa-ID!"

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