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Council Of The Convicted. Coushaine suggests implementing a no-swearing rule. All the other prisoners let him know exactly what they think of that idea in no uncertain terms. HBO: We don't give a shit about no fucking censors, and don't you forget it, you asshole. McManus dismisses the meeting, but asks Said to stay after class. Ooh, someone's in trouble! Actually, McManus says that Poet's refused to talk to him since he got back to Em City. Well, it's not like I'm a big fan of Poet, but when you look at someone like he sat on your pet hamster, it's not exactly conversation-inspiring. McManus asks if Said has talked to Poet, but Said says that, appropriately enough, given his new job, Poet is dead to him. McManus is all, does not compute, and asks where Said's never-give-up attitude is. Said sarcastically notes that that's a good question, and reminisces that when he got arrested, he thought it was a good thing, as he could come to Oz and help his brothers -- "And you haven't," McManus finishes. McManus says that sometimes he feels the same way, and I don't know whether to point out that comparing someone to you isn't exactly going to cheer him up, unless by "cheer up" you mean "drive to suicide without passing Go," or simply to scream indignantly, "SOMETIMES?" Oh, look, I did both. Said, however, simply says that he knows McManus feels that way too, but the difference is, he can go home every night. I'm not sure going home to leftover pizza boxes, laundry that's been overflowing for weeks, and an answering machine that might as well never have been taken out of the box is much less depressing than life in Oz. However, Said's point is that he'll be in Oz for another seventeen years, and he's been thinking a lot about what else he could have done with that time, such as have a family. McManus says he can when he gets out, but Said doesn't think he'll have much to offer a wife or child after twenty years in prison. McManus thinks he does have one thing: "Your faith. I thought your faith sustained you." Said: "It does. Most of the time." He leaves. Best scene of the episode, and again, as much as I hate McManus, I think Terry Kinney does a very capable job when given lines that don't make him sound like the biggest tool in the hardware aisle.

Metzger (see? He's still here, and in charge!) announces the names of four prisoners who need to report to Glynn's office, among them Said and Arif. Said enters to find Pete, Mukada, and Glynn waiting for him. Pete tells him that every year, the Governor grants clemency to two prisoners; one for Passover, and one for Ramadan. Said says he knows all about it, as he pushed for the program in the first place. The others inform him that the Pernicious Peewee asked specifically that the Oz staff consider recommending Said as their Muslim candidate. Said thinks there must be strings attached, but he's assured that's not the case. Glynn: "The only question is, if the Governor offers clemency, will you take it?" Said says yes, and these are the times I wish I had watched the series in order, because I admit that the ending would have surprised me.

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