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See No Evil

Mack approaches Metzger, pulls up his shirt to reveal some Stonecutters-esque tattoo (like Metzger wouldn't know who his people are. Give me a fucking break, here) and says he needs an "ask." Metzger nods. Cut to the locker room, where Metzger, prominently sporting the same tattoo on his back, casually asks McManus if he can switch around Mack/Daddy and the Depends Duo. McManus readily agrees. Metzger asks if he wants a reason. McManus: "I trust you." Tim McManus: Worst. Judgment. Ever. Copy his football pool picks and choose all the opposite teams -- you'll be rich in no time. Later, Mack/Daddy move in as the Depends Duo leave. Busmalis, amicably and yet unbelievably toolishly, tells them, "Take care of her." Mack gives the only right answer to that statement: "Fuck you." Nice that we got to see eye-to-eye at least once before he died. Spoiler! Also, "eye to eye." That one's going to come back to haunt me.

Night. Mack sardonically waves goodbye to the Depends Duo. Busmalis asks how Rebadow can be so calm. Rebadow: "What would you have me do?" Talk like a half-normal person? Mack Daddy enters the tunnel. Ah, the blissful, dialogue-free tunnel. Damn, we're back to the Depends pod. Busmalis says they should have told Mack Daddy something unspecified, and Rebadow says no. Busmalis: "We should have warned them we weakened all the support beams. We should have warned them that the tunnel will collapse on top of them." At first, I thought Busmalis was feeling guilty, which bugged me, because what he said seemed ridiculous. I mean, either weaken them or don't, but don't tell them about it. On second viewing, however, I think he was gloating. However, it would have been much more dramatically satisfying for the tunnel collapse to be a surprise, and then to see them gloat, so the scene still ended up bugging the shit out of me. I'm going to need some more shirtless Ryan to make up for this. ANYWAY, after some more blissfully dialogue-free tunnel shots, Daddy accidentally kicks out a support beam, and they nervously take a break. Prisoner flashback. In a cemetery, Mack spray-paints a swastika on a headstone and then kicks it over. A black caretaker accosts him, but Mack, urged on by a bunch of goons who are there with him, wrestles the shovel out of the caretaker's hands and impales him with it. "Prisoner Number 96M542. Mark Mack." Murder two, vandalism, hate crimes. Seventy years, parole in forty. Cut from the caretaker's bloody corpse back to the tunnel, where, ahead of Mack Daddy, the tunnel starts to collapse. Mack Daddy tries to back up, but to no avail, and darkness consumes them. Ffins. That's the opposite of "sniff," by the way.

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