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Schillinger walks into Sippel's cell and asks how he can live with himself. Sippel returns the question, but Schillinger says that what he's done, he's done for righteous reasons. Yeah, I'll just bet you whooped and yelled, "That's one righteous ass you've got there, Beecher!" And if he's so upset about Sippel fondling a fourteen-year-old, I'd ask him to consider if raping a man with the mental competence of a five-year-old isn't really a lot worse in the grand scheme of things. What bullshit. He pulls Sippel up by the lapels and says he should be dead. Diane appears and tells Schillinger to back off, which he reluctantly does. Sippel thanks her, but she retorts that she's just doing her job, and that for once she agrees with "that Nazi fuck." Again, I know what he did was terrible, but I really don't get everyone's moral posturing in this episode. Character-wise, I can believe Schillinger's labyrinthine rationalizations, but Diane? You killed a man and got away with it, and I agreed with your reasons, but you are hardly in a position to judge here. Boo, Diane.

Mailroom. Schillinger asks Metzger for some "rec time" with Sippel. Isn't Sippel only supposed to be there at night?

Gym. Bright sunlight pours in. Metzger watches as Schillinger and several other Aryans unceremoniously and quite literally nail a screaming Sippel to the floor, crucifix-style without the crucifix. The Aryans leave, but Sippel's still alive. In fact, he looks around like, "Nice prank, guys, but can you take the nails out now? Guys?"

Gloria examines Shirley in her cell. Shirley tells her not to be nervous. Gloria denies that she is, but Shirley says she seems nervous, and adds that it's clear Gloria doesn't touch many women. I have to say that if I wrote fanfic, this would be a pretty good jumping-off point. Shirley gets a few sarcastic barbs in, and then asks if she's well enough to die. Gloria seethes that if she's in fact nervous, it's because she doesn't understand how a mother could kill her own child. Shirley contends that it was an accident, which just further proves to me that she did in fact know that Diane killed Scott Ross. Gloria calls for the guard (he wasn't there the whole time?) and bites out, "The next time I see you, Shirley? I'll be standing over a gurney, about to poke you with a lethal injection." Shirley has no response to that, and Gloria leaves. Once she's gone, Kirk appears and places something on the door. Shirley thanks him, and he walks off with a Butt-head-like "Girls rule!" expression on his face. She goes to the mirror, and we see that Kirk brought her a tube of lipstick, which she applies to her lips. Given how morbid this show can be, he probably got it from the morgue. Ew.

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