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Hill: "What's the opposite of escape?" Recapping? He's being projected again, but this time it's Alvarez in the cage, who looks beside himself. Hill says that it's being sucked deeper and deeper into a place. Cut to the main area, where El Cid is sitting with his feet up, along with Alvarez and Guerra. Rivera comes up and tells El Cid to drop the feet, pronto. He doesn't comply. Rivera has some Hefty bags under his eyes. I'm guessing I know someone who can do something about that. Metzger appears and asks what the problem is, and Rivera says that El Cid's got attitude. Metzger calmly and politely asks El Cid to put his feet down, and with another look at Rivera, El Cid complies. The two stare at each other until Metzger leads Rivera away. Once they're gone, El Cid notes that Rivera is still in possession of his eyes. Alvarez says he's just waiting for the right moment, prompting Guerra to make clucking sounds at him. Hee. Clucking = comedy gold, people. Alvarez and Guerra get in each other's faces until El Cid, in no uncertain terms, tells Alvarez to do the job today. Alvarez leaves. El Cid, you're hella intimidating, but you could be even more so if you lost the Caesar look. I'm just saying.

Staff room. Oh, God, I'd better brace myself. With another drink. We learn that Sippel's alive, but they don't know who crucified him. So if Sippel survived, ostensibly he'd reveal his attackers as soon as he was able, and Schillinger could conceivably be sent to solitary for life if they could prove his story, yes? Never. Mentioned. Again. McManus opines that a hack was involved, which could be important later, but this moment of clarity is interrupted by a sudden wailing from outside the room. The noise gets louder, and McManus opens the door to find a screaming Rivera, who's holding his hands over his bloody eyes. Pete and Mukada back up as Glynn and McManus get Rivera to the floor. When they manage to get his hands off his eyes, we see that he's been stabbed in both eyes, and I have to say, the make-up artists outdid themselves here. At least, so it seemed to me from the one time I could bring myself to watch it. Everyone recoils in horror, and McManus yells for help.

Cut to the SORT team getting their uniforms on for a lockdown. In Em City, Metzger calls the lockdown as the team moves in. Rivera gets wheeled into the hospital wing, still screaming. A too-calm-if-you-ask-me Gloria examines him. Back in Em City, McManus reports to Glynn that "he" isn't in Em City. And here's the big problem I have with this plotline: How did they know it was Alvarez? It seems like the only way they could is if Rivera saw him, which you would think Alvarez would have taken pains not to happen. After all, the beauty of blinding his victim is that he could sneak up, do the deed, and run off without the victim being able to see him, right? On the other hand, if Alvarez knew in advance he was likely to get caught, why would he go through with it at all? I mean, it's not like El Cid said he would kill him if he didn't, and even if he had, I would think that threat would be preferable to permanent solitary confinement, or worse, having the hacks torture and kill you. Anyway, Glynn calls for a search of the whole prison, and we see Diane calling lockdown in Unit B as well.

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