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Glynn barges into the hospital wing and asks how Rivera's doing. Gloria tells him that he's sedated, but his eyes are gone, and also, he's going to need a blood transfusion. Glynn's all, do it, but she informs him that Rivera's blood type is AB negative, and the blood bank is out of that particular currency. Ah, the AB-negative television plotline. There's a reason it's a classic. I don't know what it is, but there's definitely a reason. She says she's cross-checking the staff medical records to see if anyone at Oz has it. Glynn stares at Rivera with not a little anguish.

Mukada returns to his office. Appearing from behind the door, Alvarez, a fair amount of blood on him, wrestles him to a chair and holds the surgical knife to his throat. Boy, I hate being reminded that my favorite characters are, you know, violent criminals. It makes prospects of a relationship slightly less appealing.

Gloria has an "oh, shit" moment, and Glynn asks her what's wrong. She says no one on the staff has AB negative blood, so she checked the prisoners, and one in fact does. Who? "Ryan O'Reily." McManus goes to get him as Gloria and Glynn ponder the cruel hand of Font-- er, "fate."

Ryan, to McManus: "Fuck you." I knew I loved him for a reason. McManus is all, a man's life is at stake; Ryan's all, fuck you squared. Ryan cuts to the chase: I'll give you my blood in exchange for you letting Cyril get out of the Hole and room with me in Em City. McManus doesn't even pretend like he's not going to do it, as elsewhere, Timmy Kirk sheds a tiny, tiny tear. Hey, I would too if I couldn't see Ryan naked any more.

Mukada's office, where Alvarez has tied him to a chair. Mukada tries to get him to turn himself in, but Alvarez thinks the hacks will kill him if he does. Mukada says he won't let them, but Alvarez screams, "The fuck are you gonna do, you gonna fucking hold up a crucifix?" Hee. That might actually work.

Ryan's brought into the infirmary. Gloria, without much affect, tells him to lie down. He regards her warily yet hopefully. She sticks the needle in his arm. I hope that's not the one labelled "Shirley."

A hack tosses Cyril, who's standing with his hands over his naughty bits, his clothes. Cyril, who's looking pretty traumatized, looks down at them, then looks back up, which inexplicably made me giggle.

Mukada's Office Of Massive Meltdowns. Alvarez recites the story of how his grandfather spent twenty years in solitary for killing the guy who cut out his father's tongue. He cries that he won't be able to handle it. Again, I would be so much happier with this plotline if he just mentioned that he tried to arrange it so no one would know he committed the crime, but failed, rather than seem like he knew he'd get caught, as it just makes no sense for him to have done it in that case. That doesn't mean that Kirk Acevedo didn't act his cute little ass off in this scene, though. Anyway, eventually, Alvarez decides that there's only one way out for him, and puts the knife to his throat. If you look carefully, you can see a figure pass outside the door window, so poor blocking there. Mukada screams, "Miguel, NO!" as seeing Rivera earlier filled his daily quota of witnessing horrifically violent acts involving surgical knives. Before Alvarez can go through with it, the SORT team busts in and subdues him. Mukada pleads with them not to hurt him as they drag him off. They take him to solitary, engaging in a little beating along the way, but not near as much as I expected or, frankly, as much as was warranted. They toss him into the cell -- which is bigger than my sophomore year college dorm room, by the way -- and leave him to freak out in peace, if that's not an oxymoron. His cries echo down the empty hallway.

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