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Lockdown ends, and in their pod, El Cid notes to Guerra that Alvarez must have been found. He lisps that Alvarez will go to solitary, and he feels bad, because he was wrong about Alvarez -- he did have balls. Below them, Cyril, who may or may not have balls based on that last scene, wanders into Em City.

Infirmary. Ryan tells Gloria that he has to talk to her. She regards him coldly. "What? What could you possibly have to say to me? 'I'm sorry'?" Yeah, it looks like that was what he was going to try. McManus appears and asks how Rivera is, and Gloria tells him they'll know more in a few hours before disappearing. McManus reports to Ryan that Cyril has been moved to Em City. He turns to go, but Ryan calls him back and starts, "I fucked up a lot of people's lives," with which McManus agrees. Ryan confesses that Cyril got slow because of him. They were at a funeral, and there was a girl there he used to date. Cut to a flashback, in which Ryan pulls down the girl's top and bra to reveal a pair of ample breasts. He sucks away as, in the present, he says that the girl had a new boyfriend, a wise guy. Hmm -- does this have anything to do with why Ortolani shot Ryan? I guess we'll never know, but it's an interesting possibility. Back at the funeral, a cocky-looking Cyril pays his respects to the young corpse when he hears panting sounds. Ryan and the girl are still going hot and tasteless when they're discovered, ostensibly by the boyfriend. Ryan shoves him away, and he and Cyril start to fight their way out. Dean Winters, by the way, is wearing a wig that looks like it was stolen from the Graceland museum, and as King-like as Ryan can be, I have to say it's not really working for him. After a brief melee, one of the Italians picks up a heavy wooden stand and brains Cyril with it. Back in the hospital, Ryan says that when he found out that Cyril had brain damage, it crushed him, so he got wasted, and we're back in his prisoner flashback. Interesting that of all the crimes Ryan must have committed, he only got caught when he was out of his mind with grief. That seems completely in character. Plus, being out of his mind with grief also apparently caused him to get a haircut, so it wasn't all bad. (I'm giving the writers credit enough not to call the hair change a continuity error. Why I'm being so generous, I have no idea.) He goes on that everything he's done since he got to Oz was to protect himself so he could make parole, until his feelings for Gloria resulted in him losing control again. His voice starts to break as he says that now Cyril will be in Oz for sixty years, and Schillinger raped him, so he has to stay with Cyril and protect him. "For once in my fuckin' life, I'm gonna be his big brother." Aw. McManus asks if he had Cyril kill Gloria's husband. Ryan: "Yes." McManus tells him he'll be brought up on charges. Ryan: "It's what I deserve." McManus walks away to reveal that Gloria has been listening the whole time. She shakes her head bitterly and reproachfully. Later, Ryan returns to his pod and hugs Cyril joyfully. Not much snark to see here.

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