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Appetite for Construction

Instead, Savino suggests looking at crimes being committed at the Savoy -- burglaries, specifically. Savino suspects an inside job. Ralph sends Dixon -- who protests -- to investigate, and then writes a note -- being a dick about it the entire time, naturally -- for Savino get the permit back.

Over to the coroner's office, where he tells Ralph and Jack that Merrick was beaten but not to death, and then choked, so it's looking less and less likely this was a professional mob hit. There's also a months-old serrated scar across his chest that's mystifying. Fortunately, Ms. Merrick shows up and says it was a construction accident in Arizona; a crane swung wide and caught him, she says. After she leaves, though, the coroner and the lambs call bullshit because they've never heard of a serrated crane hook. "Somebody tried to kill him before," says Ralph.

Over at the Savoy, Savino checks in with Dixon, who says the burglaries are taking place during shift changes, suggesting an inside job. Dixon suggests going undercover as a waiter. It's a preposterous idea that's given a half-assed explaining-away with Savino saying it'll work because Ralph keeps Dixon in the background and half the people in town don't even know he's a deputy. I mean, even that implies that half the people in town do know he's a deputy (and for god's sake, the ratio at the Savoy has to be close to a hundred per cent by this point). "Sometimes I don't think my dad knows I'm a deputy," whines Dixon. Instead of telling him to stop being such a baby -- or even realizing that you probably shouldn't send somebody undercover at a place they have just spent some time OFFICIALLY INVESTIGATING, Savino says he's going to get him a uniform.

While the Lamb brothers keep working the Merrick murder, Yvonne comes in with some work card applications, including a few rejected ones. The only one they take notice of is that of one Diane Desmond, who has been rejected due to federal narcotics charges. Jack offhandedly tells Yvonne to let the Savoy know Desmond's no longer welcome to work there, but I'm sure there will be big consequences to come from that.

Meanwhile, Ralph has found a death threat against Merrick, signed "Hiroshi Watanabe," who sent it from Southwestern Nevada State. "Let's go to school," says Ralph.

Watanabe turns out to be a janitor who attacks the Lambs and then bolts when they show up in an auditorium to question him about the murder, or maybe he was just worried that they were going to bludgeon him with homespun ranch wisdom.

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