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Degrees of Change

TWoP is recapping Eureka now, which I'm sure has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it's on the Sci Fi channel, which is owned by NBC Universal, as is TWoP. Nothing at all! My name is Sara M and I'll be your recapper. I hadn't seen this show before I got the assignment to recap it, but I've managed to catch up on some old episodes which have left me kicking myself for missing out on this fun, quirky little show. Let's go!

We open on Jack and Zoe. Jack is concerned about a "big step" Zoe is taking, which from their conversation sounds like she's having sex, but is actually just that she's gotten a part-time job at Café Diem. While most parents (certainly mine) would be thrilled to not only have the kid out of the house, but also working for a paycheck instead of relying on an allowance, Jack is his usual way-too-protective self and says he doesn't like Zoe working at Café Diem, since it's not very safe. Well, he kind of has a point there. And yet, that never seems to stop him from eating there, so stop being a hypocrite, Jack. Zoe points out that the nuclear reactor in Café Diem is only fusion, as opposed to the apparently more dangerous fission kind. The only thing I know about nuclear reactors is that they're much better to use in SimCity than the coal power plants except for the rare case of a nuclear meltdown, in which case you have to quit the game and restore it from the last time you saved it. So I'll take Zoe's word for it. Zoe quickly changes the subject to Jack's weekly visit to Henry (still in jail from last season). Jack says Henry's hearing is today, so this could be his last chance to visit. Zoe is certain that Henry won't be convicted since he's still in the opening credits. Jack tells her to wear a lead apron at work, either to protect her from a nuclear reaction or to keep Superman from using his X-ray vision to see her naughty bits. Or both.

Zoe walks into work, where Zane (oh, he's still there? Great.) and Jo are enjoying fancy-sounding coffees. Zane exposits that he'll be doing the final test of something called the Viper today, and they make plans to celebrate its success later on that day, which is ridiculously optimistic of them. Beyond that, they're boring as a couple so we move onto Stark and Allison sitting at their table. Stark wants an answer to last season's proposal, but Ally is hesitant, saying it was all his fault that their first marriage didn't work because he always put his work first. While Vincent listens in, Allison (who doesn't put her work first at all. Where is Kevin, by the way?) changes the subject to work, saying that the Department of Defense is sending a liaison to Global Dynamics today and she's worried that she'll be blamed for Henry's security breach and fired, with Stark being reinstated as her boss. Stark smiles at this, and it's a very appealing smile. With that, they head off to the Viper test, which is on everyone's lips today. Vincent waits about two seconds after they leave to run up to Jo and Zoe and tell them that Stark proposed to Allison. Well, if they wanted to keep that private, I guess they wouldn't talk about it in public places while surrounded by the entire population of the town.

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