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Degrees of Change

After the break, Zane, Fargo, Allison, Stark, Jack, and Eva are following the drones' movements on a map. Jack is the one who figures out that Martha was only faking dead so she could get into GD and activate her friends. I still don't understand why she couldn't have just blasted her way into GD. I hear all these claims about security, but if Martha could blast her way out, then surely she could have blasted her way in. Jack orders Jo to put the town on lockdown (for the second time this episode!) and heads out to save Eureka's ass.

Jo stands in the center of town and tells everyone to get off the streets and into his home while drones fly overhead. Stupid townspeople point at the drones in the sky and refuse to move as if they've never been under attack from automated killer drones before. For all the experience she has with this kind of thing, Jo isn't very good at ordering the townspeople to safety.

Meanwhile, Zoe is already at home and venting her irritation at her father's controlling ways to S.A.R.A.H., who would be awesomely named if it wasn't for that silent and completely unnecessary H. "Your father does the best he can," S.A.R.A.H. says. "What kind of crappy platitude is that?" Zoe asks. After seeing what Martha can do, I'd be more circumspect when addressing artificial intelligences if I were Zoe. S.A.R.A.H. announces that she's just received lockdown orders, but before she can put them into action, she shuts down. Well, I guess you shouldn't have called her platitudes crappy, Zoe. Now you've thrown her into a deep depression. She was just doing the best she could! A door opens, and Zoe begs S.A.R.A.H. to tell her she just did that. But S.A.R.A.H. has nothing to say.

Meanwhile, the town of Eureka is thrown into chaos as drones fly overhead, firing and blowing things up. Back at GD, Allison says the drones are destroying the power beacons for the electro-magnetic shield. If they blow up enough of those beacons, the shield will go down and the drones will be able to escape Eureka. Well, that was easy. Maybe next time they'll hide those beacons a little bit better.

Jack drives into town to more effectively clear the streets. He announces over the jeep PA that everyone needs to go inside while the residents mill about stupidly. What is wrong with them? I would have been inside so fast there would have been a Sara-shaped hole in the wall. I'm not wasting my time with doors when there are killer drones about. Jack's work is interrupted by a call from Zoe, who says she's having drone problems of her own. "Martha's here!" she says, as we see Martha hovering around the kitchen. Jack abandons the town for his daughter. Ah, well. They weren't listening anyway. Zoe peers over the counter she's hiding behind, but does not see Martha. That's because Martha is hovering right next to her.

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