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Degrees of Change

In fact, she's already begun her work and procured a corporate partner for GD she says, as we see big cargo containers full of Degree Men Absolute Protection, and I don't care how funny or meta you try to make product placement on a TV show, it's still sleazy and gross. Seriously, what the hell? Am I recapping The Apprentice? No? Then fuck off with the in-show ads. It's bad enough that NBC promotes Universal's crappy movies with giant ads that appear on the screen while you're trying to watch one of their shit TV shows. Now we have to see it within the show, too? Well, fuck that. I fast-forward through commercials when they're in their designated spots and I'm going to fast-forward through them from now on if they appear within the show itself. That means I won't recap a scene where an ad appears, unless they totally commit to this and go all old school and Colin Ferguson suddenly breaks character and walks off onto a kitchen set where there's a bowl of Corn Flakes waiting for him and he tells us all how good they are. And it's in black and white and he's smoking. Or they rename Eureka The Degree Playhouse Hour, just like in the fifties. If we're going to regress, let's go all the way and not even try to be subtle about it. Also, TRY DEGREE TODAY FOR ABSOLUTE UNDERARM PROTECTION. Eva spits out some stupid corporate buzz words and promises "big changes" at GD. Seeing something that was once good and pure quickly turning into a derivative business with a new administration at the helm that has no idea what GD thrived best as and thinks its own spin on what GD should be based on its limited knowledge of scientific and military research and no desire to learn more will be quite enough, Jack takes his leave of the place. He's lucky.

Allison catches him on his way out to thank him for coming through for her and everyone else today, and they have a moment before Jack has to ask the inevitable question about her and Stark. Allison giggles but remains noncommittal, saying "maybe" and "I think so" about whether or not she'll accept Stark's proposal. Ever the gentleman, Jack says he'll be there for Allison no matter what she decides. Even if he doesn't want to be. They laugh and have chemistry. But no one sweats in this awkward moment as they're all wearing DEGREE ABSOLUTE PROTECTION DEODERANT AND ANTI-PERSPIRANT. TRY SOME TODAY!

And back at Café Diem, which you would never know was the site of a killer drone attack earlier that day, Allison asks Stark if he was serious when he threatened to leave GD if Allison wasn't working there with him. He says he was, and he knows they can make a marriage work this time. With that, Allison accepts his proposal. She sits on his lap and Stark orders a bottle of champagne from Vincent. At least someone got to enjoy champagne this week.

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