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Degrees of Change

The camera pans to Jack, entering the restaurant to pick Zoe up from her first shift now that she's been allowed to work again. He apologizes for being late, and Zoe tactlessly says "I'm afraid you are," while looking over at Allison and Stark. Jack turns to see them making out as Vincent brings over the champagne. He's sad but accepting. Allison doesn't bother to look over at him.

But that's not all! Goofy, yet ominous, music plays as Eva settles into her new office. Alone, she opens up a small case and pulls out a vial with a blue fluid inside, which she then stares at with her eyes narrowed. I don't know why she's acting so suspicious. Surely it's just the latest from those hard working scientists at DEGREE, working to give you, the consumer, the BEST in ABSOLUTE PROTECTION from body order and unwanted sweat. Now if only they could find a way to protect us from unwanted product placement.

You can read more from Sara Morrison at, which she occasionally updates when she isn't too busy applying DEGREE DEODORANT AND ANTIPERSPIRANT for the very best in underarm protection. Or you can try your luck emailing her at with news that some Nigerian king died and she stands to gain ten percent of his fortune if she hands over her bank account info.

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