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Degrees of Change

And now it's time for the Viper test that everyone has been talking about! Fargo does some last minute preparations as Larry walks up with a donut in hand and what appears to be a fat suit around his midsection. He teases Fargo not to mess up the big test in front of the DoD, who will be watching. Then we meet GD eccentric scientist #930, Dr. Edison, who designs the drones that the Viper (an anti-missile something or other) is supposed to shoot down. Edison says one of his drones, which he has named Martha, will beat the Viper in this test. Way to impress the DoD liaison, Edison. With excellent timing, Fargo gets a message as to the liaison's identity: someone called The Fixer. Larry giggles that The Fixer makes Sun Tzu look like Mary Poppins. Oh, like Mary Poppins didn't have a vicious streak of her own, what with those liberal doses of cod liver oil she forced down her charges' throats.

As The Fixer enters GD on her sensible -- yet severe -- heels, Fargo exposits to Allison and Stark that her real name is Eva Thorne, and she's a corporate rebuilding legend, if such a thing even exists. If pressed, I could name approximately zero famous corporate rebuilders. Then again, my knowledge of commercial institutions is about as limited as my knowledge of nuclear reactors, by which I mean that it isn't good to do too much commercial zoning in the beginning stages of your SimCity game. Focus on industrial and residential zones, but don't build them next to each other because of pollution and crime. Eva walks up the stairs to greet Allison, Stark, and Fargo, and when we finally see her face we see that she's played by none other than Frances Fisher. She greets the three, and knows Fargo's name, which he dorkily flips out about, thinking he's somehow special. Allison is all too happy to burst his bubble and say that Eva probably knows all of their names. Indeed she does. Eva tells Allison to call her Eva. Allison does not tell Eva to call her by her first name. Stark wants to know why the DoD sent Eva here, since GD isn't exactly a Fortune 500 company. Eva just says she's "here to help" and see if she can find any areas that need improvement. Stark bristles at the implication that GD would need any kind of improvement that a corporate rebuilder could offer, pointing out that it is a collection of geniuses trying to solve the universe's mysteries. "Can't put a price tag on that," he says. Eva begs to differ, and says it's time for GD to "start earning its keep." Stark flashes her a big fake smile. Allison is not even trying to pretend to look friendly. That kind of attitude will get you fired, Missy!

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