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Degrees of Change

It's finally time for the Viper test, which I'm sure will go off without a hitch. Eva will then see that GD is awesome and working just fine and leave. The remaining fifty minutes of show will then be devoted to an extended version of that awesome musical we saw in the commercials. Hooray! Actually, Allison and Stark exposit that the Viper is an anti-missile defense system that can track and destroy up to twelve targets. Which means all the enemy would have to do is send thirteen missiles, right? Sorry to nit-pick, but that does seem like a major flaw. Stark says this will be their twentieth test of the system, the previous nineteen having been successful, which is why they were off-camera. This one is not off-camera, but I'm sure it'll all go according to plan. Dr. Edison speaks up to once again confidently say that his Martha is going to beat the Viper. Allison says that the joint team of Fargo and Zane will be manning the Viper from the control room. Although if it needs a control room, then how useful can it really be? Isn't the point of these things that they're automatic? Eva is familiar with Zane, asking if he's the one who crashed the New York Stock Exchange. "Allegedly," Zane says from the control room. Don't look so impressed with yourself there, Zane. Just about anything can crash the stock market these days.

With that, the test begins. Edison launches his drones as the Viper powers up and Stark yet again tells us that it will shoot them all down, which means it totally won't. Sure enough, the Viper shoots down eleven of the drones, leaving just Martha flying towards them. Viper tries to shoot her down, but Martha keeps going despite seemingly being hit by the Viper's fire and then shoots back, blowing up the Viper. Stark orders Edison to hit the failsafe, but Edison says Martha isn't responding to any of his commands. "Impressive," Eva says, rolling her eyes at the smoldering pile of Viper.

Meanwhile, Jack is in prison with Henry, who has shaved his head. Good idea, Henry. I don't think dreadlocks are a good idea in jail. And it looks a lot better. Jack and Henry play chess, which doubles as a representation of Henry's defense strategy. Except that he doesn't seem to have one, since he just fired his lawyer and says he's guilty of everything he's been charged with. Jack points out that he did what he did to save Allison's son, wherever he is now. "Some things can't be forgiven," Henry says, and signals to the guard to go back to his cell. On his way out, he wins the chess game, because he's a genius and Jack is stupid. And sad.

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