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Degrees of Change

Jack heads back to Henry's garage to relive some memories, only to find it crawling with DoD agents, here to confiscate everything inside as evidence. That includes Henry's work suit, which Jack objects to them taking. But Jo's there, and she says that there's a court order, so, much like a cheesy going out of business sale, everything must go. Jack wants Allison to step up and do something, but Jo says she's focused on other matters, like her impending engagement to Stark that Jack didn't know about until just now. Way to break it to him gently there, Jo. Jack looks wrecked about it, but claims to be happy for Allison while Jo pretends that she cares about Jack's feelings on the matter. If she did, she wouldn't have told him like this when he's already upset about Henry. With that, Martha roars past overhead.

Over at GD, Stark informs Jack that Martha the military attack drone is on the loose. Does Martha stand for anything? Does Viper? You'd think they would, but no one has mentioned that they're acronyms. Maybe the writers didn't feel like bothering to make them up. Jack soon meets Eva when she strolls up looking for a spare office she can use. Larry rushes up and says he's already got one for her, as well as a copy of her best-selling book, The Art of War: A Guide to Corporate Downsizing. Larry has it memorized. "Big reader, Larry?" Jack snarks. "Never judge a book by its cover, Sheriff," Larry says, and leads Eva out. I'm thinking Eva's new office is going to have a special chair with a hole cut out of the bottom so that it will be easier for Larry to kiss Eva's ass. "I really hate him," Fargo says when Larry is all of two feet away from him.

With Eva gone, Allison and Stark say that Jack has to get Martha back before she does more damage to their reputation. They think Edison is trying to interfere with their efforts to get Martha back. "Go Sheriff him up," Stark orders arrogantly before leaving the room. This leaves Jack and Allison alone, and Jack tells Allison he knows about her engagement. Awkward conversation! Allison hastily tells Jack that she hasn't answered Stark's proposal. Even though he asked about it in the first place, Jack doesn't want to hear any more about it, and he leaves to fetch Martha while Allison makes her conflicted face.

Jack Sherrifs over to Edison, who's in the Viper control room. He has no idea what went wrong with this test, and whines that he finally "won" against the Viper after nineteen defeats and now everyone is mad at him. I don't think they're mad at you for winning, Edison. I think it's because you didn't program in the proper failsafes to control Martha in case she did win. I know you thought you did, but those didn't work, so you clearly screwed up. Therefore, everyone is mad at you. Jack calls Martha a "fancy clay pigeon," to which Edison says she's a "learning computer," and has learned at an incredible rate -- like going from a toddler to a teenager overnight. I don't think those two are very different, intelligence-wise. Jack says he wants the teenager back, because she's temperamental and dangerous. Edison agrees, but says they'll have to handle Martha carefully and not threaten her. For now, Martha is stuck under Eureka's electro-magnetic security shield. She's also flying under the radar, so they have no way to track her. "She's growing up way too fast!" Edison frets. Jack says he knows how that feels. His daughter got a part-time job, which is pretty much the same thing.

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