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Degrees of Change

Speaking of Zoe, she's trying to figure out how Vincent is able to serve his diners anything they order without so much as a menu to guide them. Vincent says it's easy when you have a fridge with enough room for any and all ingredients that customer might want. Um, there is the matter of being able to prepare and cook said items, but maybe Vincent is a master chef at all styles of food. Or the Eureka residents have very low standards. Vincent shows Zoe to the fridge, and behold, the secret of Café Diem! The walk-in fridge is bigger than the restaurant itself. Hell, it's bigger than ten Café Diems. My fridge is very small, but I still forget I have old fruit in there and then I'll find it buried behind a bottle of ketchup months later, all black and moldy. This must happen all the time in Vincent's kitchen. And the food bills! Not to mention the electricity bill. This is extremely impractical. I've been watching too much Kitchen Nightmares. Vincent gives Zoe very little direction on how to navigate such a space, saying there is a shuttle service if she needs something from the back, which is probably in, like, Kansas. He hands her a small basket and a list of food items he needs and wishes her luck. Since when are waitresses responsible for kitchen inventory? And shouldn't she at least get a jacket to wear to protect against the cold? Screw The Fixer -- Eureka is really in trouble when OSHA finally shows up for an inspection.

Jack and Jo look for Martha in their respective cars. Jo exposits Edison's background: he went to Cal Tech, married his lab partner Mena (I'm sure that piece of seemingly useless information won't be important later) and has been building drones for GD for the last fifteen years. Today was his first win. Meanwhile, it's raining where Jo is and totally dry where Jack is. I guess the clouds above Jack are using Degree antiperspirant, which this recap is brought to you by. Because if they can sneak their way into a TV series, then why not a recap about said TV series? I expect bags of deodorant-scented cash to appear on my doorstep within the hour. Instead of devoting her attention to the task at hand -- which, for anyone who may have forgotten, locating an controllable killer drone -- Jo instead lectures Jack on being more supportive of Zoe's bids for independence. Jack refuses, at which point it finally occurs to Jo that she has no idea what Martha looks like or how big the drone even is. Sigh. I like Jo, but she kind of sucks at her job. Fortunately, Jack is able to give her a very specific description since Martha is right behind him. As he pulls up in front of the Sheriff's office, Martha flies in front of his car and hovers petulantly. Jack gets out and tries to turn on the Carter charm with her. Unfortunately, Jo takes this opportunity to roar up alongside him and jump out of her car, laser gun ready to fire as Jack didn't tell her Edison's crucial advice about not threatening the drone. Which means that poor Jo was sent out to look for a drone with no idea what it looked like or how it should be handled. And we wonder why this town is such a mess. Martha charges up her weapons at the sight of Jo as Jack tells Jo not to threaten her. Too little, too late. Martha sends out a sonic blast that shatters all of the windows in Jack's jeep. Oh no! With Henry gone, how will he get his car fixed now? He's going to have to drive around in a window-less Jeep until Henry returns and gets his garage back. Or just steal Jo's ride for the rest of this episode and show up next week in his own jeep, which has been magically repaired without an explanation. He surveys the damage and gives Martha a "noted!" Martha powers down her weapons. Jack whispers to Jo that they have to get Martha off the street, as a crowd is forming as if this isn't something that happens every day in this town. Which it is.

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