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Degrees of Change

Jack and Jo run into the Sheriff's office with Martha chasing them inside. They close the glass doors behind her, thinking they've managed to trap her inside the office when we all just saw Martha shatter glass less than a minute ago. Martha responds to this development by pulling a Romulan bird-of-prey and turning invisible. They are able to track her by following the path of destruction she creates in the office as she flies through it. Jo asks Jack what the plan is now, as if he could possibly have one. It's an invisible killer drone. There is no plan! Except maybe to strangle Edison for neglecting to tell anyone about his drone's built-in cloaking device. Jack is able to figure out approximately where Martha is, and he throws a blanket over her and jumps on as Martha flies blindly around the office. For her part, Jo watches, sometimes with her mouth agape. They both manage to shove Martha into the jail cell, although Jack unwisely takes the blanket off of Martha while they do so, so now they don't know where she is again. Martha materializes and makes angry noises while Jo celebrates their victory and thinks that a jail cell will be enough to hold a killer drone that can blow things up. Guess what? It isn't, as Martha turns around and blasts a hole through the brick cell wall, flying through and turning around to give Jack and Jo the robo-middle finger before leaving.

After the break, Stark shows us all what a true genius he is by surveying Martha's jail cell damage and asking Jack how he could possibly think a brick wall would be enough to contain a weapon-laden attack drone. Eva's there, too, and she has a chart that shows that since Jack became Eureka's sheriff, the number of "incidences" the town has had has skyrocketed. Indeed, Jack's tenure is marked by a bunch of red dots of varying size. Honestly, I think Eva just got a coke nosebleed while she was making the graph and is using this as an excuse to cover it up. Since when do line graphs have red dots all over the place? Jack feels the need to ask if red is bad. Eva says it's not just bad -- it's costly. "To be frank, your budget can't afford you," Eva says. I'd hate to see Jack fired, but those figures are pretty damning. She leaves, and Jack wonders aloud if Eva just said that the craziness that happens in this town is somehow his fault. "Numbers don't lie," Stark slimes. Allison tells them to stop fighting and start figuring out a way to get Martha back. While Stark stands there with no solutions, Jack rounds up Jo and says they'll have to get all Eurekians off the street until Martha is located. Stark doesn't think declaring martial law will look very good to Eva, but Jack doesn't care. Protecting the town is more important than protecting himself, Jack says, being sure to note that Stark's priorities are slightly different. Jack's triumphant exit is ruined, however, when he has to go back and get the car keys from Jo. Allison and Jo decide to go with Jack, leaving Stark to exit alone. He walks past Eva, who's taking a load off and sitting on a bench in the hall. Having heard everything, she has cleverly deduced that Stark and Jack don't get along, and that Allison likes Jack. Eva says she likes Stark's management style, whatever that is. Stark doesn't seem all that thrilled to have her on his side.

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