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Degrees of Change

Jack and Jo walk into GD. Jack wonders how anyone could be attracted to a pompous jerk like Stark. Jo reminds him that Stark is powerful, successful, and handsome. I'm not sure who appreciated hearing that more: Jack or Zane. Or Stark, since he probably heard it since neither Jo nor Jack really bothered to whisper. Zane rejects Edison's theory that a photon blast from Viper could have boosted Martha's abilities, but agrees that her power levels will be running low by now. Zane says she'll need nothing less than a fusion reactor to recharge her batteries, and GD's security is too high for her to be able to use theirs. That's when Jack remembers that there's another fusion reactor at Café Diem.

And poor Zoe is still stuck in the walk-in fridge. She's been in there for hours now! I used to work at a Subway and we had a walk-in fridge that I would occasionally duck into when customers came into the store so that my co-workers would be stuck serving them and not me. This rarely worked since the fridge was so cold that you couldn't spend more than a few minutes in it. Zoe must be entering the final stages of hypothermia by now. So she's thrilled to locate what she believes is the fridge shuttle. Too bad it's actually Martha (though god knows how she got in there), trying to access the fusion reactor. Zoe immediately figures out that Martha needs her to remove the cap on the fusion reactor's convenient access port, which I don't think anything with the word "fusion" or "reactor" in it should really have. She does so, allowing Martha to recharge. Oops.

Jack and Jo burst into Café Diem wielding laser guns. "Everybody down! Invisible drone on the loose!" Jack cries. None of the diners seem very bothered, and Vincent asks Jack to perhaps cut down his caffeine consumption. Hee hee, I like Vincent. In fact, I like everyone in Eureka, except for perhaps Zane. He's a know-it-all wiseass, but not in a good way. Speaking of know-it-all wiseasses (but this time in a good way), here comes Zoe with her little basket of fridge food. She complains to Vincent that she'd still be lost in the fridge if his "Cylon shuttle thing" hadn't shown her the way out. Nice reference of a fellow Sci Fi Channel show there, Zoe! This, of course, gets everyone's attention, but when they want to see the Cylon shuttle thing, it has turned invisible. Jack tells the diners to duck down and out of the line of fire, which they all dutifully and quickly do, so used to this are they. In an attempt to see the invisible drone, Jack squirts mustard in the air where he thinks she is. None of it lands on Martha, but some does land on Vincent, who stands up indignantly, covered in mustard, and says, "really?" That was my favorite moment of the episode, and I can't do it justice here.

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