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Under Pressure

Fifi finally gets a whiff of magma. Stark actually has the gall to look bummed that Carter's plan worked. Yeah, that totally sucks that the entire town -- and your fiancée and, I guess, her son -- are saved. If only they could have all died in a volcanic explosion! Then you would have saved so much face. Meanwhile, I'd like to know why they don't send Tracy down to do this stuff since it's all her fault. Why put innocent Stark and Carter's lives in danger? Carter stops the tunneller. He, Fifi, and Stark get out and take a look around the tunnel. Well, Carter and Fifi are looking. Stark is just lecturing Carter for referring to the magma as "lava." Apparently, you call it magma when it's underground and lava when it's above. I call it "red liquid death" no matter where it is. Carter pretty much ignores Stark, instead focusing on the magma pocket he just found. He may have cut things a little close, since the magma is threatening to burst through the thin wall and into the tunnel any second. Carter, Stark, and Fifi jump back into the tunneller with the explosives, which will no longer be necessary. A tunneller that can drive faster than highly pressurized magma, however, is. Carter sets out for the lake with the magma right behind him. Apparently, it didn't want to go up the tunnel they had already made, which is good news for Hood, as that would have meant a volcanic eruption in his backyard. Although he actually might have liked that.

Of course, Allison has to call and nag them while they're trying to outrun the magma. Meanwhile, Stark is sucking out on navigation as he can't get the instruments to tell him where the lake is. Carter suggests hitting them. Stark does. It works. Ha! Carter is always right!

The tunneller comes to the surface as the lava (not magma anymore -- happy now, Stark?) comes shooting out of the hole and into the lake. The citizens of Eureka are saved! The wildlife that depend on the lake and its surrounding ecosystem, however, will not be so lucky. But no one mentions them. Stark takes a second to criticize Carter's driving skills. They get out of the tunneller and watch the lava pour into the lake. They're, like, really close to that lava. I think their faces should have melted off by now.

Night falls on Eureka and a lava-created steam cloud rolls in. Carter and Hood are hanging out at Café Diem when Stark and Allison enter, fanning themselves. "That magma's gonna be venting for days," Stark says. "I think, technically, it's lava," Carter says. Ha! Hahahaha! And the expression on Stark's face is great, too. Allison says Carter and Stark should "team up" more often, revealing a heretofore unknown kinky side. Allison and Stark walk away, and Hood reveals to Carter that he's very happy in his post-geologist life. "Living with that kind of pressure isn't for me anymore," he says. Ugh. I was sort of hoping that we had worked through the theme shoehorning once the volcano erupted.

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