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Under Pressure

Stark returns, sans Allison, to quietly praise Carter. Then he runs away, allowing Fargo and his robot dog to enter the scene. Fargo's holding a big Best in Show trophy, while his dog pees on Carter's leg, thereby proving that the reason why he's so realistic is that he's a real dog. Fargo runs away before he can be arrested for cheating. Yes, he cheated, but I blame the dog show judges. Surely they should have figured out that Fargo's dog was real when they lifted him up and found that he weighed hundreds of pounds less than his robot opponents.

Carter finds Henry hanging out in his office. Carter tells him about Fargo's cheating, and Henry says "pressure can be a very destructive force." UGH!! This is reaching 7th Heaven levels of theme-repeating. And that's not something to aspire to. Carter asks Henry about his "troubling errand." He's already figured out that it had something to do with Eva. Henry comes clean and says he ran a radiation survey for her, which yielded some interesting results: the presence of radiogenic radiation. Carter's never heard of it, which is understandable because it's purely theoretical. Until now. "Is it dangerous?" Carter asks. Dude. It's radiation. It's ALWAYS dangerous. Like volcanoes, radiation is something you should stay far away from. Unless it's that awesome radiation that gives you superpowers. But even then, approach with caution. Henry promises to show Carter all the paperwork tomorrow, and Carter thanks Henry for actually telling the truth. "I do not keep secrets from my friends ... anymore," Henry says. Something tells me that's not true.

Finally back home, Carter chugs a beer while S.A.R.A.H. nags him to work out and pay his bills. I thought people in this town didn't have bills. What's up with that? Zoe enters, fresh from studying accelerated physics in the library and about to go to her room to study some more. "Just do your best," Carter says. Ha! An hour ago he was all about pressure creating diamonds. Now he still wants her to take that class but has graciously allowed her to "do her best" at it. He even volunteers to order her a pizza and says he's proud of her. That would be a slightly nicer moment if I didn't know that he was forcing her to take the class in the first place. But Zoe doesn't seem to mind anymore, so I guess it's cool.

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