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Under Pressure

Meanwhile, Zoe is getting some extra physics help from Henry when she's supposed to be working. Carter walks in just as Henry's demonstrating a little gizmo that uses acoustic pressure waves to turn a penny into a puddle of melty goo. Seeing something shiny, Carter sticks his finger in the middle of the wave and is surprised that it really, really hurts. He's lucky his finger didn't turn into a puddle of melty goo. That was an epically stupid move by Carter. Henry and Zoe are too disgusted with Carter's stupidity to be very sympathetic. Henry says Zoe's trying to figure out the frequency to melt copper ore. Zoe says she's totally in over her head in this new physics class and is still clearly angry at her father for making her take it. Carter's also mad, because he's got to tell Hood that no one believes him. Henry says he knows how it feels to have to do something unpleasant, as he's on his way to run a "troubling errand."

Henry leaves, and Hood suddenly fires up a machine that makes a huge hole in the middle of Café Diem's floor. Zoe and Carter come running. Zoe's first concern, of course, is that she'll be stuck cleaning up the mess. Carter orders Hood to shut the drill off. Looking crazier than ever, Hood says he needs to send a probe into the Earth's surface to use p-waves to find the magma pocket. The look on Carter's face clues Hood in that Carter talked to Allison and no longer believes him. Man, you mess up one earthquake prediction and everyone thinks you're crazy. It's not really fair. Hood insists that this isn't like the last time. There's definitely something happening underground. Carter says GD will handle it, so Hood can pick up his toys and go home. Hood obliges the command with a sad face.

Henry's troubling errand ends up being a hike out to a woodsy area that Eva claims is the "perfect" spot for a hotel for GD's corporate guests. Well, that is clearly bullshit. Is she really expecting a hotel's worth of guests? All the time? Impossible. This is clearly the job for a simple guesthouse. Henry notes that the map Eva used to find the desolate site is seventy years old, which isn't suspicious at all. Eva is seriously underestimating the intelligence of this town's geniuses. So, what does Eva need Henry to do? Well, she found some records that showed traces of radiation at the site and wants Henry to scan it to make sure her hotel won't give its guests cancer. No, I'm sure the aluminum in certain antiperspirants can do that just fine.

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