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Under Pressure

Surprise, surprise! Henry found all kinds of radiation at Eva's hotel site. Powerful radiation, too. He also found the exact source of the radiation. I guessing it's where that nuclear bomb went off in 1936, but Eva doesn't share that with Henry. He offers to run tests on some samples, but Eva says there's no need. Not sounding all that disappointed, she says her hotel will have to be built on a different site. It's too expensive to clean up this one. Also, she had no intention of building a hotel in the first place. Eva thanks Henry for his help and asks him not to tell anyone about this. Surely she must know that Henry isn't an idiot and therefore sees through her pathetic lies, right? "I'm good at keeping secrets," Henry answers.

Carter pulls up to Dr. Hood's house. It's raining outside, and he still has all that expensive electronic equipment just sitting outside. Hood says he hasn't found the magma pocket yet, probably because his equipment is waterlogged. Carter thinks Hood already knows where the pocket is. "Allison thinks it's manmade," Carter says. Ha! He totally threw Allison under the bus there, blaming their suspicions all on her. If Hood did create that magma pocket, Carter ensured that there's going to be a second magma pocket directly under Allison's house. Hood denies the charge, saying "some things you don't mess with." Maybe he didn't, but someone else did. Hood says that would take a fancy machine, and Carter points out that this town is full of people who know how to build and run fancy machines. People who spend millions of dollars of government money making robot dogs and then stick logic diamonds in them, causing them to explode. Hood is delighted by this, saying he might just see the dog show this year after all.

Hood asks Carter if they know where the logic diamonds the cheaters used were mined. How would he know that that was something they were trying to find out? And lo and behold, he's got a gas liquid chromatograph sitting right there in the middle of the downpour he can use to test the diamonds and find out their place of origin. And wouldn't you know it? Carter just happens to have the priceless logic diamond evidence sitting in a small baggie in his pants pocket. I have a feeling the writer took a look at the script and went, "Oh shit! I've burned thirty-seven minutes of show and I still have to write in the volcano! Can't make this a two-parter; I'm gonna have to write a quick scene where everything gets figured out and hope no one notices that it doesn't really make any sense and is kind of lazy." After some quick explaining that every mine produces diamonds with their own unique molecular signature, Hood gets the results: the logic diamonds were mined in Eureka. There are no diamond mines in Eureka. There was, however, a coal mine.

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