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Tangled Up In Goo

Zoe's working the morning shift at Café Diem. Lucas has stopped by for a visit and to invite her out to Pilar's big party tonight, but Zoe says she's exhausted from work. Lucas tries to wake her up by dragging her into his lap for some canoodling, which is a terrible idea when the girl's father is in the same room. Yes, he's turned the other direction but through the magic of mirrors, he sees everything and clears his throat to register his disapproval and disgust.

Zoe looks to Jo for consolation, asking why dads have to ruin "everything." I don't know, Zoe, why do you have to make out in front of your dad? Just go someplace private (if such a thing exists in Eureka) and get it on there like every other teenager in the history of the universe. Jo obviously has issues of her own, as she says dads are men and men suck. You see, she's mad at Zane for freezing up when she said she was serious about him last week. Oh, that was freezing up? I thought they just cut the scene early before he could respond. My bad! Jo says they haven't talked since, although I have no idea how long ago that was. Zoe gives Jo a heads up that their first conversation is about to happen as she runs away.

Zane takes a seat next to Jo and says hello like nothing happened. Jo doesn't respond until Zane asks if she wants to have a "bite" with him and she sees her opening: "a bite? Well, we wouldn't want you to commit to a whole meal." Zane does that thing men do where he pretends not to know what Jo could possibly be so upset about in the futile hope that feigning ignorance will deflect confrontation. Men, that never, ever works so just stop doing it. It's annoying and makes things worse. Jo says he couldn't "handle" her feelings for him and takes off. Zoe decides Jo hasn't done enough and gets Zane good by calling him "ruiner." Oh, snap. Not really. That has way too high of a syllable to letter ratio to be a put-down. Also, Zoe, Zane saved you and your little friend's lives two weeks ago when you decided to go exploring in random hallways you found in the school basement, so why not show a little gratitude?

This brings us back to Carter, who's having breakfast with Allison and Henry. Efficiently, the breakfast doubles as a planning session for how to get to the bottom of Eva's latest evil plan to get rid of the bunker: she's hired an "outside contractor" named Hendrix who's set up shop outside the bunker. Allison doesn't know what he's up to there, but she does know that Eva's trying to have those bodies moved again. Henry won't hear of this, saying he has to get his hands on the bodies so he can autopsy them (as much as one can autopsy a skeleton) and find out who they are and how they died. Allison says the first part of that is going to be difficult since Eva's redacted all photos of everyone involved in Eureka from 1939, including the photos that used to be on Vincent's Wall of Fame. Carter wonders if one of those photos holds the key to Eva's secret, then realizes that while they don't have the photos on the wall anymore, they do have a photo taken in front of them back in when they were there. He calls Vincent over and asks if he still has the pictures he took in front of the wall with Fargo. "You mean the ones where I look like Sasquatch?" Vincent asks. "Yes! Those are the ones!" Carter says. Vincent is offended, but you shouldn't say things like "I look like Sasquatch" if you can't take it when people don't refute it. And if you're that sensitive about being called Sasquatch, perhaps you should, like, get a haircut. Vincent tells Carter to ask Fargo and storms off while Henry cracks up. And it's task assignment time! Carter will try to get the pictures from Fargo. Jo will be thrilled to know she'll be checking out Hendrix. And Allison will find a way to get those bodies to Henry.

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