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Tangled Up In Goo

We're not wasting any time here! Hendrix has cooked up an instantanium-busting solvent and Zane and Jo will be the test subjects. He warns them of a "slight explosion," which scares Zane even though he's usually thrilled about dangerous things like that. Jo doesn't care if all of GD explodes as long as she doesn't have to be stuck to Zane anymore. There is a small explosion, but it's just in CGI so no one gets hurt. And the instantanium blows up into little bits, freeing Zane and Jo from each other. Jo gets as far away from Zane as possible, shouting "thank GOD!" in his face. Ew, it's Lexi. Why is she there? Shouldn't her access be restricted since she doesn't work at GD or even really live in town and is annoying? Jo says she was about to chew off her own leg. "Your mouth is probably big enough," Zane says. Hee.

Meanwhile, Allison and Fargo are working on trying to access the bunker's seventy-year-old computers, which is pretty much impossible. Henry walks up and says Zoe is tired, but fine, and he was able to isolate the DNA marker that the purple stuff effects. But he can't go much further without some of the purple stuff to study. With that, Allison decides she hasn't gotten enough attention today and says she's been feeling really tired too and is worried she was exposed to the purple stuff. Henry says he'll test her.

Down in the cooling chamber, Eva says this room holds the then-state-of-the-art video system that allowed the team to look in the cooling chamber without having to be exposed to it, except for the fact that they are were anyway. And that video system is still up and running, seventy years later! Amazing! Oh, but wait -- there's no purple stuff in the cooling chamber pool. There is, however, an empty pool with a huge crack in it. Carter says the instantanium explosion must have cracked it, which means it's now heading for the groundwater. Soon it'll be a race to see who dies first; Eva and Carter trapped in the tomb, or the rest of Eureka, all old and stuff.

After the break, Carter's feeling pretty lousy. Even if they do somehow get out of the bunker, there's no longer enough Element X to cure Zoe or anyone else in town. "We need to save your daughter," Eva says, suddenly confident. Ah, but that's because she's got a little vial of Element X in a desk drawer ready to give away. She says her brother sent her off with it in case she ever needed it (for ... what? To expose herself to so she could age extra-super-slow?), but Zoe needs it more. She hands it to Carter. It would have been kind of funny if he'd dropped it, but I guess when it comes to something that will save his daughter, he's much more careful than he is with, say, mysterious metal canisters. "What about you?" Carter asks Eva. She says she'd rather save someone else than hold onto it for the rest of her life.

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