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Tangled Up In Goo

It turns out that Allison and Carter do have a boss, and he's here right now! General Mansfield wants to see Eva right away. Allison says she's helping Henry get a "dangerous situation under control." Mansfield is confused, since last he heard from Carter, Eva was the dangerous situation. Carter says he's changed his mind. Mansfield is very upset with Carter for letting a "breach of security" in a "deactivated facility" turn into the death of everyone in town. Yeah, when you put it that way, it does look bad. But the DoD should have done a better job with the background checks of the people it hired to take over their most advanced research facility, hmm? Allison tries to stick up for Carter, saying he isn't responsible for this. Mansfield agrees, saying Eva is the one who did this and he wants her arrested -- right now. Carter begs him not to do that, since Eva could save his daughter's life. Mansfield gives in: "when this is over, Thorne belongs to me."

Carter teleports back to Zoe's bedside. This episode was really fragmented and had so much going on so fast that it makes you hate Product Placement even more, since this episode would/could/should have been a two-parter, but since they had to do that stupid Product Placement saves the day episode last week, it isn't. Now we've got two hours of good material crammed into one hour, and the show suffers a bit because of that. Anyway, Henry says they're trying to use "non-bariogenic" radiation to counter the bariogenic radiation Zoe was exposed to. How do they even have non-bariogenic radiation when they didn't know that bariogenic radiation existed until a few weeks ago? "It's like using X-Rays to treat cancer," he says. That doesn't make sense. X-Rays cause cancer, but I don't think they do much to cure it. I even tried looking this up on the internet, but found a few sites promoting a diet that can cure cancer and got so angry at people who try to make money off of other people's desperation that my head exploded and I couldn't read anymore. I can still type, though! "It'll work. It has to," Lexi says, under the mistaken impression that anyone wanted her opinion. Henry says they'll find out in a few hours. Carter, always thinking of others, asks Henry how quickly he can make enough of this cure for the entire town. "I can't," Henry says. He used up all of Eva's sample to make this. So I guess everyone's dying of old age except Zoe and anyone else who might have those special Eva genes!

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