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Tangled Up In Goo

It's detonation time! The countdown goes off while various Eurekians hang out with their loved ones except for Allison who gets to spend this time with Mansfield and his glare. When the countdown reaches zero, there's an explosion ... of commercials!

After the break, Eureka is still standing and Jo and Zane are at back at the air shaft. Zane's checking to see if the groundwater is back to its non-lethal self while Jo's in a better mood. They agree they had a fun day of saving the town and Zane says he's glad they ended their relationship on a "high note" except for all those times today when Jo threatened to kill him. With that, Zane says the groundwater is back to normal, and Jo offers to take him out for a "break-up dinner." Zane would rather have a "make-up dinner." I'm not really sure what they were fighting about in the first place, but that's over with and they make out. And Zane never had to offer Jo any kind of commitment to get it, either!

Zoe's still snoozing. She's only been Element X'ed for seven days and she's sleeping all the time, where those three scientists managed to create an entire bomb and worked all the way up until the end? Poor showing, Zoe. Carter strokes her hair before the nice moment is atomic bombed to bits by the arrival of Lexi. "I'm really glad I came to stay here," she says. Wait -- what? "Stay?" NO!!! It's just a visit! You have to leave! You have to! Also, she says she's really glad "Uncle Jack" will be there for her sons. Unlike their father, who she still hasn't told, which is such a bitch move. If you're adult enough to have sex, then you're adult enough to tell the guy he's going to be a father. How selfish of you not to let him be a part of his kids' lives just because the writers of this show can't come up with a reason why he can't be here! Zoe wakes up and wonders if the sight of her father and aunt getting along means she's in heaven or hell. Here's a clue: if Lexi's there, it's hell. Zoe reports that she's feeling seventeen again. "Well, we have that Thorne lady to thank for that," Lexi says. Her name is EVA, you troll. Actually, it's Mary Perkins. Either way, shut up.

Speak of the devil, she's being dropped off at a bus stop by Henry. She says she came to Eureka thinking she couldn't trust anyone, and she was very wrong about that. She sure was! And she almost killed off an entire town because of it! I know Eva's all not evil now and stuff, but I just can't bring myself to forgive her for firing all those GD employees which indirectly caused the death of Stark and, perhaps worst of all, introducing the Product Placement lab. Henry says he wishes he could have done more, and Eva says he did plenty by curing Zoe so no one would have to endure what her brother (and those two others guy who no one cares about. Poor Ross and Blackman) did. Henry says he'd still like a chance to find a cure for Eva, although since she's aging half as fast as she should, I think she's sitting pretty, thank you very much. Eva, looking much less evil in her green sweater, says she's ready to think about her future instead of her past. Henry asks where she'll go. "I'm quite a resourceful gal," she says. How come we can't have Frances Fisher with us instead of Lexi? Damn. They hug, and the bus arrives. "Thank you for giving me a new life,' she says, and gets on it, still rocking her sunglasses.

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