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Tangled Up In Goo

Henry teleports back to his garage. Allison stops by and says she lied to Mansfield that those three bodies, along with their research, were destroyed in the bunker. And she promised Eva she'd give them some kind of honorable burial that Eva doesn't apparently care to be around to see. After all that work to get those bodies, too! "We're laying it ALL to rest," Henry says, by which I'm sure he means no one's going to say anything about Eva ever again, just like no one mentions the Artifact or Kevin or those two twin guys who were all over town in the first season. With that, Allison asks him what the results of her bariogenic exposure test were. He assures her that she was not exposed to the radiation ... although some other tests came back positive.

Ew, Zoe has to go back to work already? That sucks. She serves Lucas a milkshake and says she's feeling up to partying at Pilar's tonight. I just can't believe Vincent makes her work in the morning, then she goes home for a nap and gets cataracts and has to lay dying in the GD infirmary for a few hours before she's cured only to have to go back to Café Diem to work the dinner shift! Slave driver! Lucas asks if she's sure she's feeling "up to it." "I'm feeling up to a lot of things," she says. With that, Lucas casts a look in Carter's direction. He, of course, is sitting with his back to the couple at a nearby table. Why is Zoe so obsessed with putting her sexuality on display for her father? I really don't get it. They kiss, and Carter's Zoe Sex Detector goes off but he tells himself not to look. He does anyway. He doesn't like what he sees, but this time he doesn't stop them. "You're a good dad," Allison says, laughing.

Carter says he's glad things are back to normal, casting a glance over at Lexi, who is teaching Fargo how to knit baby blankets. That's right, Lexi: force all of Eureka to be your own personal baby gear creation station. Carter says he's never had little boys to take care of. "They'll need a role model," Allison agrees. You mean like ... their FATHER?!?! Carter says he's looking forward to coaching their Little League team. Allison says she wants him to coach her, too. He thinks she's talking about Little League, but she's talking about Lamaze. Which she'll need because she's pregnant. With Stark's baby. On one hand, I hate baby plot devices, especially because after the baby is born, it's inevitably forgotten about. On the other hand, I think Salli Richardson-Whitfield is pregnant in real life, hence the horrific dress she wore last week, and sometimes it's less lame to just write it into the show than have the actress stand behind tall desks and carry boxes all the time. Plus, it's half-Stark! I kind of hope it's born with a little beard, although that would probably be creepy in practice.

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