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Tangled Up In Goo

Before they can say much more about the pregnancy, though, a typically angry Mansfield walks up demanding to know where Eva is. Allison says she can explain, but Mansfield says he doesn't have any evidence she's done anything wrong and would like to keep it that way. So would Allison, apparently, since she shuts up. Carter says he thought Eva was more of a victim than a fugitive. Mansfield says Carter's opinion isn't important. He likes Carter and the job he does for this town, but the fact is he disobeyed a direct order and someone has to take the fall for all of this. Since that someone is no longer Eva: "Eureka no longer requires your services. You are fired, Carter." Damn, did he really have to do that in the middle of town where everyone, including the guy's daughter unless she's too busy making out, can hear? That's so unprofessional. Carter is shocked. I was pretty surprised, too. And bummed, because now we have to wait an unknown number of months before we can find out what happens next. See you then!

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