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Tangled Up In Goo

Eva's with the mysterious Dr. Hendrix near the bunker. He reassures her that he's "very good" at whatever it is that he does. She wants him to hurry it up, but he says it takes as long as it takes, since the bunker is huge and a mistake would be very, very bad. Eva offers to send in some help, but Hendrix says the operation is too delicate to trust to anyone but himself. "We only have one shot," he says. "Take it quickly," Eva says. Yeah, for real: the mid-season is about to end!

Jo knocks on the door of Dr. Hendix's trailer. There's no answer, and Jo immediately gives up, cursing Carter under her breath for sending her all the way out here for nothing. And there's even worse news: Zane's there. He followed Jo to tell her that "this passive-aggressive thing is really annoying." Jo says she's happy to switch to plain old aggressive, but Zane thinks about that for a second and wisely decides against it. She walks away and Zane gives up and heads in the opposite direction. But then there's a musical flourish as Jo stumbles upon a small metal canister. She calls Zane back so he can tell her what it is, even deigning to say please. He studies it and says it's a pressurized container on a remote trigger, although he doesn't know what that trigger is supposed to set off. Whatever it is, he says "a device like this" could pack quite a punch. At this, Jo finds a pile of many canister crates and asks what kind of punch thousands of them would pack. Way to litter, Hendrix.

Fargo is annoyed at being called out of work and into the sheriff's office to download his photos. Carter says it has to be here so they don't get on the GD system. Fargo asks Carter to turn around while he scans through his pictures, as some of them are "personal." Ew, that probably means porn. Buffy porn. Of course, Carter can't help but sneak a peak, only to find a series of cat photos. And the cats are dressed up. One of them has a blonde wig. Fargo is a weird dude. And lonely ... too lonely. I worry about those cats. He finds the photo Carter needs, but says Carter's computer is too much of a "dinosaur" for him to be able to zoom in on it and get a good look at the picture on the wall. He says it'll have to wait for when he gets out of work and goes home tonight to work on his non-dinosaur computers. Carter tells him to go home now. Fargo protests that Allison won't like him breaking the rules like this. "You'd be surprised," Carter says.

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