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Tangled Up In Goo

Henry's got the bodies. Allison says Eva will figure out who scanned the new shipping address onto the coffins soon, so Henry will have to hurry. He unzips the first body bag and Allison winces as she looks away with her hand on her forehead. Henry thinks she's just squeamish all of the sudden, but Allison claims she's "worn out."

Carter heads to GD where Jo and Zane studying the canister. Zane says there isn't much left inside it, but it seems to be some kind of cement. Carter decides to get a closer look and open the thing even though he has no idea if it could blow the town off the map or not. It doesn't, but he drops it at Jo and Zane's feet and a silver goo pours out, surrounding each of their feet. It solidifies and Jo and Zane are now stuck. Together. They turn and glare at Carter, who should be ashamed of himself. It's not like he accidentally knocked the canister over; he was playing with it like a stupid child and pried it open with no idea what was even inside it. He volunteers to find Hendrix and ask him how to get the silver stuff off of them.

Unlike Jo, Carter actually does find Hendrix. He's at his work site just outside the entrance to the bunker. Hendrix approaches him with caution, saying he's too busy to talk much. Carter says that's okay since he doesn't have much to say; he just wants to know what Hendrix is doing with all this cement and why the town's roads leading to this area are closed. "This is an authorized military operation," Hendrix says. Carter plays the charming card and sarcastically refers to Eva as "America's Sweetheart." Happy to have someone to gripe to, Hendrix warms up to Carter and calls Eva a "piece of work." He still won't tell Carter what he's up to, but he will say it'll be done by the end of the day tomorrow. Carter thanks him and asks for one more thing: say someone were to open one of those canisters and get the goo inside it all over some innocent bystanders' feet. Hendrix objects to Carter's calling his grey cement "supergoo" and says the proper name is "instantanium," a "nano polymer synthetic foam." Which means that they'll need a saw to get Zane and Jo out. But not to cut through the foam. To cut off the legs. Apparently Hendrix has never heard of scalpels. "Ah. Yeessss," Carter says, knowing he's about to get kicked in the face by a block of instantanium.

Back at GD, Zane is trying to jackhammer them out of the foam with no luck. Jo glares at his failure. "Don't you look at me in that tone of voice!" he says. I kind of like Zane today. A cell phone rings and Jo beats Zane off to answer it. "Dr. Bonehead's lab," she says. Way to lay the insults on thick, Jo. "Bonehead" -- way harsh! Carter's calling, and Zane grabs his phone back and asks what he found out from Hendrix. Carter tries to remember all the big words Hendrix used and comes up with enough for Zane to figure out what's going on. He explains to Jo that the nano particles in the foam are bound together "on a molecular level," which even non-genius Jo has to know is not good news. Hoping against hope, Zane asks if Hendrix knew how they could free themselves. Carter says Hendrix had one suggestion, but he doesn't think it's going to go over well.

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