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Tangled Up In Goo

Zoe and Lexi are sitting out Café Diem. As usual, Lexi is doing all the talking, saying she's slept in a variety of homes over the years, such as teepees, huts, and yurts. GOOD FOR YOU, Lexi. Shut up. SHUT UP!!! Zoe says she's so tired she'd sleep on a bed of nails. If that's the case, then why not take a snooze on the more comfortable by comparison sidewalk? At this, Lexi brings the focus back onto herself, asking how Zoe can be so tired when she isn't pregnant with twins like Lexi is. Zoe says every bone in her body aches, and wonders if this is what it feels like to be 30. Lexi says she'll "forgive" Zoe for that comment, although she should really be on her knees thanking her for not saying 40. Because, I mean, come on. Lexi is much closer to 40 than she is 30 any day of the week. Lexi the Super Observant does note that Zoe, who currently resembles a ghost, is looking a little pale. Fargo stops by and tells them that SARAH is back up and running. Instead of thanking him, Lexi gives him attitude for designing a house that takes its residents hostage. Fargo defends SARAH, saying she made an honest mistake because there must have been a memory glitch in SARAH's system and she thought Zoe's DNA had changed. SARAH was just trying to help, so until one of your yurts can detect and save you from possible intruders, Lexi? Can it.

Fargo tells Zoe to tell Carter that he managed to get those old photos he wanted. Of course, Eva's right there to hear this, and she walks up and claims that she just loves old pictures and not-so-subtlety asks which ones Carter's interested in. Fortunately, Carter's ears were burning and he runs up just as Fargo's about to spill the beans and says Fargo was restoring a picture of his grandfather with Mickey Mantle.

Seemingly satisfied, Eva walks off. Carter runs after her, offering to buy her some ice cream. She says she's busy. Carter says he bets she's busy with the "big job" she gave Hendrix to do. "That's classified," Eva says, unshakeable. Oh, but wait -- Carter says he talked to General Mansfield himself after pretending he was Eva to get through to him on the phone (not sure how he managed that, but I wish we could have seen it), and lo and behold, Mansfield had no knowledge of the bunker. Eva looks a bit unnerved. "Apparently he does now," she says. Carter softens a bit and says he's just looking for the truth. "Sometimes the truth needs to be left alone," Eva says; "but you've made that impossible now, haven't you, Sheriff?" With that, she gets in her car. "Yes, I have," Carter tells the air, looking very pleased with himself.

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