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Tangled Up In Goo

Carter reports to Henry's for an update on the cause of the death on the bodies. "These men did not die of natural causes," Henry says. "Awesome!" Carter cheers tastelessly. But he covers nicely: "um ... not for them." Henry says it sure wasn't: the bodies died after aging rapidly, from 40 to 90 in just a month. Henry has no idea yet what could have caused his, but he does have a cool computer program that shows some guy aging rapidly. Carter says if Henry can prove they didn't die of natural causes, then he'll be in charge of the investigation and be able to stop Eva from sealing the bunker. Henry says he'll try.

Jo and Zane are still stuck together, as Carter decided he'd rather go to Café Diem and Henry's garage than help them out. Zane is working on something he hopes will free them and says he's in quite the hurry because he drank four cups of coffee this morning. Apparently his "relationship" with Jo was so chaste that she hasn't seen him naked so peeing in front of her would be awkward. He leans over and find himself next to Jo's face. "This isn't so bad," he smiles. Jo totally forgets why she's mad at him and starts to smile back, but then Carter walks in and interrupts them with an obnoxious "pick out a China pattern yet?" Oddly enough, neither Jo nor Zane think that's funny and work together to three-legged-race away from him. Carter says he needs Jo. Zane says he's busy and can't waste time standing around while Jo talks to Carter. Jo takes this to mean that Zane thinks his job is more important than hers. Considering that right now, his job is getting you free, I would say it kind of is. Zane says Jo will have to do her job with one leg because he's determined to use both of his. They clomp off. "Good times," Carter says. Hee hee.

Lexi is back home making tea. SARAH says she has a variety of exotic flavors for Lexi to choose from based on where she's traveled. I have a feeling that the reason why Lexi's traveled to so many places is because no one can stand to have her around for very long. Instead of thanking SARAH, Lexi says being sucked up to by a house is almost as scary as it taking her niece hostage. SARAH huffily says she's still reading that Zoe's DNA has changed. Speaking of Zoe, she's coming downstairs calling for Lexi, which means she must be desperate for help. "There's something wrong with my eyes," she says, and we see that there most certainly is: they're all cloudy, which looks pretty cool until she says she can't see. Hmm ... I was thinking the purple puddle might give her some awesome super powers, but it looks like it's going to cause nothing but problems.

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