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Tangled Up In Goo

Eva's in an office in the bunker, and seemingly in no hurry. She pulls out an old leather folder and takes out a photo of a man. Her eyes filled with tears, she kisses the photo. Could it be? Is Eva not so evil after all? Hooray for characters with multiple dimensions!

Meanwhile, Carter has entered the bunker. His teleportation device is working overtime today! He sees an instantanium canister and bends over to touch it but stops himself, remembering what happened last time.

Back in the office, Eva's alone time with the photo is rudely interrupted by the sound of a door sliding open. She comes out into the hallway where she sees Carter. She tells him to get out of the bunker right now. Carter thinks he's got the upper hand now, though, and says he's not going anywhere until she tells him what's going on and that the purple goo she's trying to seal away from the world is going to kill Zoe just like it killed those other three men. "Oh my god. If that's true ... we've gotta get out of here as fast as we can," Eva says remarkably slowly. Carter thinks she's trying to throw him off the trail, since Hendrix told him he wasn't sealing the bunker until tomorrow. As instantanium bombs start going off, Eva feels the need to slowly state the obvious that she had detonation accelerated when Carter called Mansfield. Carter tells her they have to get to the air shaft and they run into a heretofore unseen room with a big fan in it. Carter manages to defuse one bomb but is too late for the one in front of the fan. It goes off, sealing their only way out, much to Carter's absolute horror. He lets out a very sincere "crap." It's not so funny when you're the one trapped in the instantanium, is it, Carter?

Carter and Eva spend a moment staring at the new impenetrable wall as if wishing it would disappear. It doesn't. Time to chat! Carter asks Eva why she was trying to seal herself inside the bunker. "I wanted to end it. All of it. Including me," she says. Well, that's one way to do it, although I might go for a way that's less terrifying and much quicker. Carter doesn't really know what to say (suicidal confessions from people you kind of hate are always difficult, aren't they?) and she continues that she should have done this a long time ago but never had the courage. D'oh! That's like that guy in the Alanis Morrissette song who was afraid to fly his whole damn life, and then when he finally did, the plane crashed. Eva's been trying for years to get up the courage to seal herself in that bunker, only to trap an innocent person in there with her and need to escape when it's too late to do so. Oops! Carter finally thinks of something to say: "what are you talking about?!" Very sensitive, Carter. Although if some lady had just trapped me in a bunker while my daughter was dying and the only way to save her was trapped in the bunker with me, I'd probably be testy too. He asks her why she needed courage to cover up how the men died. "What did you do to them?" he assumes. Eva says she couldn't have done anything to them; they died before she was born. "Try again," Carter says, handing her Fargo's picture. Yes, if you zoom in really close on one of the pictures from the Café Diem wall, you'll see Eva standing there with a group of scientists. Although, really, the picture is grainy and she might be able to say it's her mother or Lucille Ball or something like that. But she doesn't. "You were here in 1939. With them," Carter says. Eva smiles and gives up. "I was," she says. Okay, I saw this coming as soon as Henry said there was something off about the bodies' ages last week, so I'm not too surprised. I do wish, though, that Eureka had taken my mother's suggestion of making Eva trip up a few times and say things that were hip in the 1930s. Like, "this bunker is not the bee's knees" or "23 skidoo! Stop snooping around, Carter." Or maybe someone could catch her doing the jitterbug when she didn't think anyone was looking. That might have given the game way too early, but it would have been entertaining. People don't say bee's knees often enough on television these days.

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