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Two Suns, One Hot Mess
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I'm baaack! Did you guys miss me? Of course you did. To make amends for abandoning you guys for a week, I'll tell you a story: I met Colin Ferguson once (before he got Eureka) and he was a really funny and really nice guy. The end. We open at the Sheriff's station, where Carter is very annoyed to see that his office has turned into Eureka's official polling station and the town charter says it's his duty to oversee the upcoming mayoral election. That town charter has never done a good thing for Carter, has it? He asks Allison if Jo can do it instead, but she says she can't since that would require Jo to have screentime. Apparently the mayoral seat has been vacant for over a year, which makes me wonder who, exactly, filled that seat and why he or she left it. I watched seasons 1 and 2 of this show to catch up during my vacation and I still have unanswered questions. Sigh. Carter says if Zoe is trying to get her seventeen-year-old boyfriend voted into office, then it can't be that important. Allison reminds him that some of Eureka's smartest residents are its children. Like her own son, whatshisname. And, of course, Lexi has wormed her way into the plotline by volunteering to count the ballots. Although maybe this is a good thing, and she'll be locked away in a ballot-counting room for the entire episode and we won't have to see her at all. Carter warns Allison that Lexi gets "obsessed" with politics, even, apparently those of a small town that she doesn't really live in. I lived in a small town, too, and the only people obsessed with politics there were the people running for office. They yelled at each other in board meetings, wrote angry letters to the editor of the local paper about their opponents, and even got into fistfights while the rest of us couldn't care less. And this was over the Board of Education seats, which aren't even paid positions. Jo warns Carter that mayoral campaigns get "really competitive" in Eureka, just like the robot dog shows, science fairs, and anything else with even the slightest hint of a contest, no matter how inconsequential.

Café Diem has been taken over by Vincent's mayoral campaign, lead with great enthusiasm by Fargo. More enthusiasm, in fact, than Vincent himself has. He gripes to Fargo that he shouldn't have let him talk him into running. Fargo says Vincent deserves to be mayor more than anyone else in town, and they smile for a picture together while standing in front of Café Diem's Wall of History. They pose and walk away, leaving Eva to stare at the wall and the pictures on it. Her intentions don't look good. They never do.

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