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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

Oh, no. Kylie the annoying child prodigy has some atmospheric readings she thinks Henry needs to see. "Please tell me you didn't make another sun," Carter moans. Ha! He hates her, and that's why Carter truly is the Voice of the Common Man. Kylie says she's been working on a way to get rid of "the first one." "You mean the second one," Carter says, all proud of himself that he got one over on a nine-year-old. Kylie knows she's beat, so she just snots "semantics? Really, Sheriff." Whatever, Kylie, he totally called you out. Then again, for all we know, Kylie really is trying to get rid of the real sun. I wouldn't put it past her. Henry tells Carter to stop arguing with a child and she tells him that her atmospheric readings have shown that the air is "saturated" with excess hydrogen. That's bad news because hydrogen + mini-sun = "whopping fusion reaction." Yes, the entire town is in danger once again. All Kylie cares about is that everyone knows that the extra hydrogen is totally not her fault. Carter says he already knows whose it is, and looks pissed that he can't blame Eva for it.

Ew, he brought Kylie with him to the cloud farm. Why did he do that? I miss Stark. Herrera says there's no way his precious clouds are responsible for this. Carter says they aren't, but all that hydrogen he shot them up with is, since it's been fueling the mini-sun. Herrera shrugs off all responsibility, saying the hydrogen was at a safe level and it's not his fault some little twerp created a mini-sun that would fusion react with them. "Hello? You live in Eureka," Kylie says. Shut up, Kylie. This is totally your fault. Herrera's only concern is whether or not he'll still be getting Carter's endorsement after this. Kylie's wandering around Herrera's lab and checking out his cloud-seeding missile, being sure to mention it because it will be important later. Carter asks if there's a way to take the hydrogen out of the air. Herrera says there isn't, but he's sure the mini-sun will burn itself out harmlessly soon enough. Of course, that's when there's another flash of light outside. The three run out to see a nearby metal silo melting in the sunlight.

Kylie gets to go to GD next, as Zane runs a meeting about the mini-sun and how it's turning into a "red supergiant," which means it's "blowing up - big time." "Not my fault entirely!" Kylie adds. Ugh. I'm starting to hate her more than I hate Product Placement. In fact, you might say I hate her with the fire of a thousand mini-suns. Henry adds that they've only got a few hours before the situation becomes "critical." Allison asks what they can do. Zane says they can try firing a missile full of ion atoms at the sun's core, which will cause it to implode. Carter has to play the dumb ass, so he asks if that's a good thing. It is. Eva wants to know what will happen if that plan doesn't work. Silly Eva -- it always works! But she doesn't like the answer from Zane and Henry that Eureka will be Supernova-ed off the face of the planet and demands that they evacuate the town immediately. Allison says they're doing that, but at the same time, they want to try to save their precious advanced research facility and Zane and Henry have already made great strides into doing just that. Eva doesn't care: "towns can be rebuilt. People can't." Hmm ... could this situation be hitting a little bit too close to home for Eva? Carter says they're multi-tasking, patting himself on the back for using such a science-y word. Eva isn't impressed and says she won't allow anyone to risk his life for this. They're all leaving Eureka right now. Allison wonders if Eva wants GD to be eradicated. Carter thinks she just might.

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