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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

Carter waits until he and Zane have entered the Jeep and started driving towards the flesh-searing heat to ask if his little heat-resister slime will actually work. Zane says it's just a prototype, but it is, of course "over-engineered" to respond to body heat, adrenaline, and lame sales pitches. Zane starts applying the slime, thrilled to bits that it'll give them about ten or fifteen minutes in the extreme heat before they turn into little piles of ash. As they approach the mini-sun, the Jeep finally gets its weekly damage as the tires melt. Carter says they'll have to run the last part, and Zane, upon seeing that it's two thousand degrees outside, cheers like an obnoxious child (I miss Stark). Weirdly, it is only now that Carter starts applying the slime, which means he was sitting in his car in two thousand degree heat with no protection. I'm sure the Jeep has a great A/C system, but that's a little much.

Carter and Zane run for the cloud farm but have trouble getting inside, as the door is made of metal and very hot. They push themselves in, only to find that the clouds have turned into steam. Dense, thick, fog-like steam. Zane states the obvious that they'll boil if they stay in there too long. They set out to locate the missile and bump into each other a few times before Carter finds it. Then they have to find the exit. That scene was pretty lame since they only had, like, a tiny box full of fog to shoot in so they kept having to cut over and over again to make it look like they were walking through it.

On the evacuation buses, Kevin is nowhere in site as Allison sits next to Henry. I guess she's been taking parenting lessons from Kylie's parents. I hope someone managed to rescue the poor autistic child from the town facing imminent destruction. Also, Eva is rocking some awesome sunglasses.

Carter and Zane make it back outside and set up the missile. Carter knows enough about the technology to load the ions into it while Zane gets his computer pad going. Even though it's 2,000 degrees outside, the computer works just fine. It must have quite the cooling system! Carter asks if Zane will be using GPS to make sure that their one chance to save the town and themselves works. "I was gonna eyeball it!" Zane says. "Oh. Stellar," Carter groans. Zane gets semi-serious for a minute to tell Carter that "whatever happens, it's been fun." "No, it hasn't!" Carter says. For real. Very little about this episode was fun.

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