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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

Zane launches the rocket into the bright red sky. His aim is perfect, of course, since we wouldn't have a show if it wasn't, and the mini-sun begins to implode.

And on the evacuation bus, the residents are thrilled when the night sky returns. I loved Fargo and Vince's high-five. Both of these characters used to annoy me but now they're one of my favorite parts of the show. Zoe is so happy that she bumps fists with Fargo. Zane and Carter enjoy the mini-sunset. It's green at the end for some reason. They shake hands, but they still aren't as good a team as Carter and Stark were. But I have a feeling I'm going to have to get used to them.

Allison is back at GD and has not changed out of that awful dress yet, even though it was drenched with sweat before. It's ugly and it probably smells bad now. Yuck. Eva sneaks up behind her and says her precious thermal cleaning was cancelled, and she's got a pretty good idea who's to blame. Allison says Eva may have the DoD on her side, but she's got all of GD on hers, including, it would seem, the Thermal Cleaning department. Sorry, Allison, but I'd take the DoD over GD's House of Goons and Crazies any day. Eva reminds Allison that she works for her. "Not without an explanation," Allison demands. If she doesn't watch herself, that explanation is going to be two words: "You're fired." Eva's fired other people for less. Like the poop guy. Allison says it's just not fair that she's supposed to trust Eva but Eva won't give her any information in return. Yes, Allison -- that's why it's called "trust." Eva dips into her bag of non-answers and tells Allison that "history has a way of haunting you no matter how far you run. This is part of mine and I'm putting it to rest. You stay outta my way." For a little woman with silly red hair, Eva can definitely be menacing when she wants to.

And it's finally time for the election results at Café Diem. Zoe takes a moment to make nice with Fargo. They shake hands and agree that after almost watching the town explode, the winner of the mayoral race doesn't seem very important -- as long as Herrera doesn't win.

Zoe continues her Amends Tour 2008 by finding Kylie and thanking her for "saving" the town. Your dad saved the town, Zoe. Not Kylie. In fact, she kind of did the opposite of saving the town by creating the mini-sun that almost caused it to be blown off the map in the first place. Kylie admits that since the mini-sun was totally her fault, figuring out how to get rid of it was "the least [she] could do." Zoe says it's partly her fault for focusing on the election and not helping her partner. Whatever. Let's just never see Kylie again.

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