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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

Jo walks up to Zane, whose arms are bandaged from being burned on the cloud farm door. She starts with "about what I said before," and Zane thinks she's going to take it back. Take what back, exactly? She didn't say she loved him or anything, did she? Did they cut it for time but leave in all of Kylie's scenes? That would suck. Jo says she meant every word of whatever she said. And then Zane starts to say something, but the scene ends before he gets any words out. That was weird. I have no idea what Jo said to Zane that was so special and no idea what he said in response. And yet there was plenty of time to extol the virtues of over-engineering, so that's great.

Carter arrives to a hero's welcome, and it's about damn time he got one. He, too, is sporting a burn bandage on his arm, which he reports to Henry feels "itchy." Henry says Carter did an amazing thing for Eureka and they're lucky to have him. And just so that doesn't all go to Carter's head, he immediately asks what he's doing about Eva. "I'm working on it," Carter says. Hopefully he's got a better plan than Allison's "whining for clues" bid.

Ugh, Lexi. She calls the residents to attention. When they don't immediately do as she says, she yells at them. Why didn't they just kick her off the evacuation bus and make her walk home? And then sealed the entrance to the town before she arrived? She says the race was close, but the winner is ... Henry! Of course. You didn't think they'd give it to no-name cloud guy, a teenager, or Vincent, did you? Actually, I kinda thought it was going to be Vincent and was terrified beyond words that it would Lexi via an evil write-in campaign. So Henry's win is a huge relief. Not for Henry, though. His reaction to getting yet another odd job in this town is to scream "NOOO!"

Henry takes the podium, protesting that he wasn't even running for office. "I kinda started the write-in campaign," Lexi says. Can she do that? Isn't she supposed to be impartial as the official vote-counter? Lexi even deigns to give Carter some credit for Henry's win, since he gave Henry his official Sheriff/town hero endorsement. Carter recommends that Henry accept the position since Lucas, the runner-up, will win if he doesn't. He says that loud enough for all the candidates to hear. Fargo looks like he can't believe his "the candidate who wears a suit all the time" campaign didn't work. Henry says that it's the people who make Eureka the special town it is. And that's the community he promises to protect "no matter what," which sounds kind of ominous, actually. He thanks them and gets a standing ovation.

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