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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

Across the room, Zoe is leading Lucas's campaign and handing out buttons with the help of her nine-year-old classmate, who whines that they should be working on some class project together. Much like Vincent, Lucas is being forced into the race by his campaign manager. Why don't Fargo and Zoe just run themselves if they're so into this? Carter walks in and meets our third and last candidate, cloud scientist and stereotypical slimy politician Dr. Paulo Herrera. He asks for Carter's endorsement, at which point Jo escapes to get a cup of coffee. Carter is soon surrounded by Herrera, Zoe, and Fargo, and the three fight for Carter's endorsement. Apparently, Herrera is Eva's candidate of choice, which makes him evil. Carter refuses to commit himself, not even when Fargo offers him a Vinspresso on the house. Not too smart of Fargo, considering that Carter knows very well that Vinspressos are free and bribery is illegal. He walks away, and Herrera laughs in Fargo and Zoe's faces at their pathetic campaigns. "Watch and learn, kids," he says, heading outside with his little computer pad.

Outside, he tells the group assembled on the sidewalk to watch the sky as he creates a picture of himself in the clouds. The funniest part of the whole thing is watching the extras react to it. They are freaking thrilled about this. Not so thrilled is Zoe, who refuses to work on her school project in order to focus on "damage control" for Lucas's campaign. She tells her partner, Kylie, to get started on the project on her own. Kylie runs off as Herrera spells out "Vote Herrera" in the clouds under his face. "Leave professional politics to the professionals," he scoffs at Fargo and Zoe. Professional what? Cloud scientists? If we leave professional politics to professional cloud scientists then we're gonna have a pretty short list.

Carter pronounces the Herrera sky campaign poster "just wrong" as Zane walks up and announces that he pulled the negatives from the bunker's seventy-year-old 35mm security cameras before Eva had the place sealed off. All he needs is someone old enough to know how to develop them. Jo and Zane look at Carter, because he is really old compared to the rest of this town, median age: 16. If you take away the children and only include the GD scientists, that number increases slightly to 22. And I'm just going to suspend my disbelief here that there's a such thing as a 35mm security camera and that if there was, said camera's undeveloped negatives wouldn't have disintegrated after 70 years.

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