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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

We're at GD and this next scene is full of crap product placement so I'm just going to cover the important plot points because like I said, I don't get paid to recap commercials: Zane is developing something that keeps the body cool in the hottest temperatures. For some reason, he has to be surrounded by deodorant to do so.

Eva "jokes" about buying off the mayoral election before asking Allison to give her official second-in-command at GD endorsement to Herrera, because Eva loves him for some reason. Allison won't commit to that, even when Eva says it's important that Herrera be elected because having a GD employee as the mayor will help GD "build a personal relationship with the town" and show them that GD and Eureka are "on the same team." Wait, what? Doesn't almost everyone who lives in Eureka also work for GD? Doesn't Eureka exist because of GD? That's a pretty damn personal relationship already. The only thing the townspeople would be suspicious of now is the woman who forced herself into GD's top position and then fired everyone.

Allison says she's not even sure if she and Eva are on the same team, let alone GD and Eureka. "Of course! I'd like to think we're also friends," Eva says. Yeah, friends who don't invite each other to their failed weddings. There's no way Eva can really think she's Allison's friend. One sincere condolence about the loss of a husband does not a friendship make. Allison tests their newfound fake friendship by asking what's in that bunker under the school. Instead of outright turning her request for information down like she did to Carter last week, Eva pulls Allison aside and says they found bariogenic radiation down there, so Zoe and the gang were "very lucky" not to have been exposed to it. I guess Zoe hasn't thought it pertinent to tell people that the puddle she slipped in last week was freaking purple in color. I'm sure that will never come up again though. Eva says she has no choice but to "thermal clean" the entire bunker. Allison warns her that procedure will destroy any "organic material." Like what, the rats? Since when did Allison like rats so much? Maybe she's been storing Kevin down there or something. But then her concern would indicate that she cares about Kevin these days, so I guess not. Eva leaves to take a call, and Allison makes a call of her own to request some records from some archive.

It turns out that not only is Carter old enough to know how to develop film, but he's also a photography buff with his very own dark room! While Jo is impressed with Carter's newfound artistic side, Instant Gratification Zane wonders how people lived before digital cameras. I'm sure they were just fine, just like Eureka was just fine before you showed up. And it may take longer to show up, but film looks better than digital, always. Carter develops a still with a helpful date stamp on it that reads June 10, 1939. It's a picture of a group of scientists standing outside a door marked 307. Zane, Jo, and Carter are puzzled by this, since to the best of their knowledge Eureka wasn't founded until 1950. I know this isn't the case, but didn't it occur to them that the date stamp was just wrong? I can make the date stamp on my camera say 2056. That doesn't mean the pictures I take are from the future. Carter develops a second still to find Eva, also standing outside of room 307. The date stamp says that picture was taken just yesterday. So the camera's been operational for almost seventy years, and both the camera mechanism and the film inside it managed to remain operational? Not to mention the power source for the camera and the motion sensor. I'll just chalk that all up to special indestructible Eureka technology. Carter repeats his line from last week about Eva looking for something ever since she arrived in town, and adds that he's betting it's in room 307. Jo says he'll have to deal with that tomorrow because right now he has a debate to lead and opening remarks to make. Too bad no one told Carter about those opening remarks ahead of time. He should really try reading the town charter one of these days.

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