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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

At the mention of Herrera, Allison says Eva wanted her to give him her official endorsement. This gives Carter a chance to mutter about Eva's "hidden agenda" while Jo stands next to him and makes a series of funny faces because that's all she really gets to do these days. Carter says he found proof that Eva was down in the bunker yesterday and asks Allison what's down there for her to find. Allison says there won't be much of anything soon, since Eva's ordered the thermal cleaning and has forbidden anyone to go down there until it's done. She tells Carter and Jo to go check out Herrera while she "looks into" Eva's bunker fascination. They go as Allison gets a call from someone and says she's on her way.

Carter and Jo arrive at Herrera's lab, which is a large glass greenhouse-like structure in the middle of a field. Carter notes a barrel full of umbrellas outside the door and wonders why they're necessary. The guy makes clouds, Carter. Duh. A look inside the building gives him the answer: Herrera is making rain clouds in there and it's pouring with a chance of thunder and lightning, which really can't be safe. I'm pretty sure I saw something like this in an episode of The Avengers, although the special effects were much worse. The writing, on the other hand, was better. Carter and Jo make their way to a small shelter containing a raincoat-clad Herrera, who welcomes them to his "cloud farm." You know what? I like Herrera. He's so passionate about clouds. And a "cloud farm" sounds really cool to me for some reason. I must say that I don't like how his little shelter tent has no sides, allowing the rainwater to get all over his equipment. I'll just tell myself that he waterproofed his computers. He tells Carter and Jo that he's using nanotech hydration to seed clouds in the hopes that the technology will save drought-plagued countries. And just in case you thought he was too altruistic, he's also working on techniques to "hydrogenically infuse" the atmosphere so he can sculpt clouds. "The commercial applications are limitless!" he says. I guess we know why Eva likes him so much. When Carter asks if he had anything to do with the mini-sun, Herrera insists that he's purely a "cloud guy" and Carter is free to look at his GD records to prove it.

Fargo struts into the Product Placement lab and sidles up to Zane, who rudely tells him to "save [his] breath" because he already knows who he's voting for. Fargo says he isn't just here to elicit votes: he also needs a favor. Through stupid twisted Product Placement logic, Fargo thinks his candidate needs to show the people that he can stay cool under the most extreme conditions, and he heard that Zane was beta testing just the thing to make that possible. He wants some for Vincent. Oh, that is just stupid. Politicians are supposed to "stay cool" as in calm and collected and able to handle a crisis situation. Not literally be able to resist high temperatures. No one wants to elect a guy who sweats like a pig all the time, but if the guy is perspiring in 90+ degree heat, I don't think anyone would hold it against him. Zane moves a test tube full of green slime out of Fargo's reach and says he doesn't "do" politics. With that, he insincerely wishes Fargo luck on Vincent's campaign, since the latest mini-sun scans show that it's only going to get hotter. I think Zane plucks his eyebrows. They're too perfect. He roughly pats Fargo on the back and walks away, leaving the green slime unattended and conveniently next to a Product Placement. Fargo grabs the green slime but leaves the Product Placement behind because he knows it sucks.

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