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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

After the break, Zoe has summoned her father and Henry to the clubhouse, knowing that they are the only people in town capable of actually solving this, or any other, problem. Henry praises Kylie's ability to create a controlled fusion reaction. It's not that controlled, Henry. For example, right now it's hovering above town and making everyone's life miserable. Kylie says it was a pretty simple process, but she and her project partner were a bit off with some calculations. Zoe isn't about to take the fall for this, so she immediately announces that Kylie was the only one making any calculations and she had nothing to do with this hot mess. Furthermore, she's demanding Kylie's resignation from the campaign that Kylie didn't even want to be a part of in the first place so as to keep Lucas free of scandal. Since when did candidates care about being involved in scandals? Carter asks Henry if he can turn the mini-sun off. Kylie chimes in (even though no one asked for her opinion) that the mini-sun was supposed to have dissipated by now. Henry says it must be getting fuel from somewhere, but once the supply is exhausted it should burn itself out.. He goes to his garage to make some random calculations. Kylie invites herself along.

Carter won't be joining them because he's got another mission: breaking into the bunker with Zane, Allison, and Allison's ugly dress. On the way down, the group exposits all of the strange things Eva's done since arriving in Eureka, just in case you haven't been watching or paying attention this season. Allison says this place is like a window to Eureka's past, but Thorne seems to want that window shut. I like shutting my windows, too -- my ghetto apartment doesn't have screens so when I keep the windows open it lets the bugs in. Allison enters the bunker easily by entering in the security code she apparently knows. Way to keep the place sealed off, Eva.

Zoe and Lucas run into Kylie taking atmospheric readings for Henry outside Café Diem. With the authorities gone, Zoe apologizes to Kylie for her earlier comments. "You mean when you sold me out?" Kylie says. Sold you out nothing, Kylie -- you were trying to get Zoe to share half of the blame for something that you were completely responsible for. "You made a second sun!" Zoe cries. Yes, I think people who make second suns should have the whistle blown on them. But Kylie says Zoe's just like every other politician: she'll say anything to get what she wants.

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