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Two Suns, One Hot Mess

Having easily broken into the bunker, Zane scans the area for fusion reaction leftovers and finds none. Carter asks if that's a good or a bad thing, and Zane answers that it means they aren't being irradiated. I would have found a way to test that before actually entering the site, but there you go. "Rats," Carter says. Allison explains that not being irradiated is something to cheer for, and he says he literally meant rats -- they're all over the place. Allison and Zane don't seem to mind, but Carter hates/is scared of rats, making him the subject of Allison and Zane's derision. Zane says he's not finding any evidence of materials that could fuel the mini-sun as Allison waxes nostalgic about Eureka's past and what the bunker can tell them about it. She can't believe such a huge plot contrivance could have been hiding underground all this time. With that, she finds the door to room 307.

Zane quickly unlocks the door with his computer equipment, and it opens to reveal more rats. Okay, how did the rats get in there? For that matter, how did they even get in the bunker in the first place? Wasn't it completely sealed? And if the rats were there when it was sealed, how could they have survived for eighty years? I guess they're special immortal Eureka rats, so good luck thermal cleaning them out of existence, Eva. Aside from the rats, there's not much left in the room. Disappointed, Carter says that's the end of that, but Allison has a feeling there's something in the room they just can't see. Otherwise, why would Eva be so set on thermal cleaning it? Carter asks for "the light scanner thingy," earning him a condescending snort from Zane, who insists that it be called by its official technical name before explaining that it can detect organic materials that have moved or something. However it does it, it reveals some fresh footprints left by military boots and high heels. Now, I don't want to spoil this for anyone, but I'm pretty sure those high heels are Eva's. The light scanner thingy scans further into the room, where it picks up the skeletal remains of three bodies. This brings up a whole new bunch of questions, but before the three can find any of the answers, they have company.

Eva's in the doorway surrounded by three GD security guards who look very serious indeed. She expresses her disappointment in her little pets Zane and Allison for such insubordination, although says she expects it from Carter. He bows his head and sincerely thanks her. Hee. Carter thinks Eva doesn't have a leg to stand on now that the room has become a crime scene under his jurisdiction. This is his turf now. Eva's not falling for that. She says that since she works for the DoD, she outranks him. Carter says he'd be happy to tell the DoD what Eva's been up to and see how long they keep her in charge. "You trying to bluff me?" Eva shoots back. Yeah, Frances Fisher totally dated Clint Eastwood. To Carter's shock, Allison suddenly decides to bow to Eva's demands and says they crossed the line and should leave now before they make things worse. Their belongings, including Zane's light scanner thingy, are confiscated as they're lead out.

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