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Field of Screams
iant catcher's mitt," he says. "For a 670 million mph fastball!" Tess adds. Ha! That puts Jo's little product placement mobile to shame. Allison doesn't care. "We can't just let it land," she says. Well, suck it, Allison, because it's going to land whether you like it or not and if there's no boson cloud exciter to catch it, it'll just put a mile-deep crater in Eureka and no doubt kill everyone in town and all along the West Coast. Allison has no choice but to tell the demolition team to stand down again.

The object re-appears on the sensors just above Earth. The big blue beam starts crackling and whirring and then ... it's gone and a space ship is hovering just above the ground in the center of the Christmas-light circle. "What is this?" Zoe asks, as if anyone knows. Henry pulls up in his pick-up truck, which managed to arrive at the scene pretty quickly even though it isn't a product placement mobile. He walks past Carter and Allison without acknowledging them and stands under the ship. He grabs some nearby grass and wipes some space dust off the ship to reveal an American flag exactly where he somehow knew it would be. That looks like a to be continued to me, although if you stick around for previews during the end credits, they pretty much give away what this ship is and why Henry knows so much about it. Lame, Syfy.

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