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Field of Screams
ulling some strings with a friend in requisitions. Jo is also disappointed in Fargo for being so quick to dump the inanimate object that served him so well for such a long time. Fargo says all's well that ends well -- he found someone to take Tabitha off his hands. Larry starts-and-stops alongside Jo in his new old car.

Carter and Tess inform Allison about the makeshift plasma generators. Allison has her doubts that anyone at GD is working on something that would need that kind of power, so Tess points her finger at the Planetary Defense guy. Allison says Weinman has all the resources he needs at GD, so he doesn't have to steal crap from around town and make a plasma generator in the woods. Tess still insists that Weinman is trying to make a surface-to-air alien-vaporizing energy beam. To get Tess off her back, Allison agrees to talk to Weinman.

Fargo arrives home to find Tabitha waiting for him in his garage. "I guess Larry changed his mind," she says. Larry is wearing an Inspector Gadget-looking trench coat and enjoying an ice cream cone when Fargo almost runs him over crossing the street in front of Café Diem. Fargo is furious at Larry for giving Tabitha back, but Larry says that Fargo sold him a lemon -- the stereo only plays 80s rock, the AC smells like feet, and the car only drives in reverse. Larry demands his money back, but Fargo refuses, saying they had a deal and Larry should honor it. He gives him back his car keys and leaves. Larry's all indignant, apparently never having bought a used car before and thus believing it would be a pleasant and honest experience.

Carter stakes out the plasma generator site. He's sitting in his jeep out in the open, so I hope he isn't expecting to sneak up on a perpetrator like that. Tess arrives and hopes to help out. He refuses until she shows off the pizza she brought as incentive. It works. He soon regrets it, though, as we cut to some time later with all the pizza eaten and Carter complaining that he would have preferred pepperoni to "organic tofu medley." The pizza was free, Carter. Stop complaining. Tess digs into her goodie bag of snacks she brought for either an all-night stakeout, a long session of pot smoking, or school lunch: a juicebox, a protein bar, and Funyuns. Carter's first response is that Tess eats a lot. Ha! Then he says that Weinman is not who he suspects of building the plasma generator because he trusts Allison's opinion. The subject turns to Allison and all the stress she's apparently been under lately, and Tess says Carter is very considerate and she can understand why Allison likes him so much. They have a Moment, which is blessedly interrupted by a whole bunch of people walking past the Jeep and towards the generator site holding various household objects. Carter spots Lucas and calls out to him, but there's no response. Almost everyone is dressed in purple (I guess there was a sale at the local clothing store?) and they're all underage -- including Zoe (wearing purple sweatpants). She turns and looks at Carter when he calls her, but says nothing and turns back to the site and walks towards it with a blender in her hands. I guess this plasma generator makes mai tais while you wait for the aliens to vaporize?

The next morning, Fargo calls Allison from the site. He's put on hold. And then there's another commercial for a cell phone company. Yes, use Sprint for a clear connection that will do you no good whatsoever since you're getting placed on hold anyway.

When we return to the show for real (I think/hope), Carter visits Zoe in the GD ER. She's annoyed at having been subjected to all manner of tests and says she doesn't have any blood left to take. How much do you want to bet that Carter made them test her for STDs and pregnancy, too? I know she was in a zombie trance and all, but a night with Lucas is still a night with Lucas. Zoe says she doesn't remember anything from last night -- she went to bed and woke up at GD. Carter tells her how he found her at the site and brought her to GD with her fighting him the whole way until they got in the car, at which point she fell asleep. "It was like Village of the Damned," he says, clearly very worried.

Henry doesn't make Carter feel any better by suggesting that this could be the work of a virus that affects the forebrain and causes hallucinations. But he can't explain how a virus could cause such complicated coordinated activity. Carter suggests Dr. Suenos' involvement, but Henry says no since he already had his turn to help endanger the town back in season 2. Henry hands Carter brain scans of the affected children, saying there's "unexplained activity" on them. He won't say if the activity is dangerous, but he does admit it concerns him.

Carter drives to the site, where Allison is supervising a team of GD scientists as they analyze the towers. She asks about Zoe, and shouldn't she be concerned about Kevin or something? Why must I insist on refusing to forget about his existence like everyone else seems to have? Carter says the kids in this town are in "a lot of trouble" and begs Allison to tell him that a GD experiment isn't responsible for this, not even by accident. Allison says no as a bus full of large men arrive to destroy the towers and make everything all better again. Zane protests, saying it could trigger an anti-matter explosion. Apparently, after the work Zoe and her friends did last night (even though they had all of what, twenty seconds to do anything before Carter presumably took them away?), the plasma generator has turned into a trigger device for an anti-matter bomb made out of bailing wire and bubblegum. Hmm. I think we all know who is responsible for this: MacGyver! Allison cancels the tower-destruction and has some useless GD security officers placed at the site.

Not like I really care that much about something as trivial as Fargo's product placement car when there's an anti-matter bomb across town to worry about, but we check in on him anyway. He parks his new car on the street, only for Larry and Tabitha to drive past and splatter Fargo and the car with a lot of mud. Fargo is furious, but he should be seriously impressed here. Do you know how hard it is to cover someone's entire face and body with mud just by driving through a puddle?

Fargo is such a freaking baby that he reports to the sheriff's office and demands that Jo arrest Larry for making him messy. He makes the mistake of flicking some mud on Jo, and she takes a few seconds to summon up the strength to stop herself from tearing his arms off before saying this is all Fargo's fault for dumping Tabitha on Larry instead of caring for her himself. Fargo insists that he took great care of Tabitha, but who cares? It's not a child or a pet. This is Fargo's car and he can treat it however he wants. And Larry should know buyer beware. If these people could act like adults for once, it would be a non-issue. Fargo admits that he "lost interest" in keeping up his car. "What is wrong with you?" Jo snarls.

Carter returns to GD. Henry says the abnormal activity in the kids' brains is increasing as they become more tired. Carter wants to make sure they're kept awake so they don't build another weapon tonight, but Allison walks up to say they're too late.

The GD security team is trying to hold a bunch of zombie-like kids back from leaving the sick bay. Allison says they were all asleep, and then got up at the same time and tried to leave. They've been like this for the last hour, but only now did Allison apparently decide to let Carter in on it. Carter turns Zoe around gently and tells her to get back to bed. She just yells, hits him, and turns away. Carter looks furious, like he's about to ground Zoe's ass off for something she obviously can't help. Henry says the kids' brains are flooded with neurotransmitters like adenosine, ATP, and serotonin. Wait, serotonin? So it's like the kids are all rolling on ecstasy? What fun for them! Allison says the kids can't handle the stress to their brains for much longer before there's permanent damage, but they still don't know what's causing this

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