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Field of Screams
or how to stop it, nor have they been able to contact Zane to find out what he's learned. I guess that product placement cell phone service isn't so great after all. Carter gets a call from Jo. Before she can talk, he tells her that the kids are back in their trances. "They're not the only ones," Jo says.

Carter pulls up to the tower site, where Jo is waiting for him. This time, a bunch of zombie adults are dropping their household items off. Suddenly, the towers turn on as Carter spots a familiar face among the zombies -- Zane.

The next morning, Carter returns to GD and tells Tess, Allison, and Henry that the towers are humming now. Allison orders Henry to program the geo-satellites to measure for abnormal gravitational pull. He leaves, and Carter says he wants to tear the towers down. Tess thinks that's a terrible idea, considering the fact that they still don't know what the towers are for or if it's even safe to destroy them. Carter thinks the towers are responsible for all of this, but Tess points out something rather obvious: the kids were affected before the towers existed, obviously, since they had to be affected to build them in the first place. Carter says that's true, but things have gotten worse since those towers were built. Well, do you know what's even worse than that? An anti-matter explosion. Keep the towers up. Allison says they have the rest of the day before the trance sets in again, so hopefully that'll be enough time for Fargo and Henry to finish their scans and get them more information. Except that Fargo is probably too busy dealing with more important matters, like calling 911 because Larry looked at his car wrong. Carter agrees, and Tess knows that this is going to call for her very best work and puts her glasses on so as to appear brainy.

Fargo is at the site taking readings. This is a terrible idea, since the last time someone from GD did this, he was zombified by nightfall. And he's been left totally unattended, too. Smart. With no security guards to talk to, Fargo talks to his new car instead and tries to figure out a name for her. Say, that is important work that's well worth taking time away from researching the child-brain-damaging anti-matter bomb. Fargo's name choices are: Trixie, Cassandra, and Shanaynay. None of them feel right, and Fargo is forced to go back to his real job when devices start beeping. He calls Allison to report it in a repeat of that weird mini-scene we saw during the commercial break before. Huh? What's going on? Is it the painkillers I'm on while I recover from my tonsillectomy or does this show just not make much sense sometimes? While Fargo is on hold with GD, he hears an engine rev. He looks down the street to see Tabitha there, and starts yelling at Larry for stalking him. Suddenly, the car charges towards him, spins around, opens the trunk, and chases Fargo in reverse. He drops his cell phone in his haste to run away, and it's run over. Sorry, product placement cell phone company, but I prefer to buy my phones from a carrier that sells phones that are sturdy and reliable, not cheap and flimsy.

Carter watches Zoe sleep. Jo stops by, saying that Zane is also asleep. She couldn't find any obvious connection between the people who were affected and offers to watch Zoe if Carter wants to get some coffee. He begs off, and she says that there's more excitement to be had watching Zoe sleep than policing the town of Eureka, where traffic has been so smooth that she almost wants there to be a high-speed chase so she'll have something to do. That smart asphalt seems to be taking all the fun out of police work. "Everyone's driving around on auto-pilot," Jo whines. A lightbulb goes off over Carter's head.

He heads for Allison's office with Henry and says that he found the link to the trance people after all: all of their cars are on the smart asphalt system. The teens of town like Zoe and Lucas were the first to be affected because their cars were the first to be placed on the system. After that, residents were added to the system in the order of how bad their driving skills are. Zane's are apparently horrible, thus he's on the system. Even though Jack had a bad record of totaling cars though, he was not yet on the system. Allison says that Zane created the system and thus is the best person to ask for help on this. Hopefully, they'll be able to wake him up in time to shut the smart asphalt grid down or else face "the mother of all traffic jams," as Allison describes it. Clearly, she has never lived in LA.

We didn't see it happen, but Tabitha managed to hit Fargo, knock him into the trunk, and close it, which is where we find him now. He wakes up and finds that he isn't alone in there -- Larry is stuck there too. Fargo moans in pain, which is just fine with Larry, who says that Fargo deserves pain for getting him involved with his demonic car. A physical altercation within the small, cramped confines of the trunk ensues until Fargo asks for a time out to wonder who is driving the car if they're both in the trunk. "That would be me, Douglas," says Tabitha. Larry explains that Tabitha is a psychopath and she was the one stalking Fargo, not Larry. Fargo orders her to pull over, but she points out that since he is no longer her owner, she doesn't have to take orders from him. Larry says he is the owner, and orders her to pull over. "Shut up, Larry," Tabitha says, her tone the same as everyone else's when they deal with him. Fargo sweetly asks Tabitha where she's taking them. "Not easy having someone else's destiny in your hands, is it?" she says. "You don't have hands!" Fargo yells. He isn't helping himself here.

Night falls on GD. Carter, Allison, and Henry are ready to shut down the grid, but Henry warns Carter that it could have dire consequences for the people connected to it. He thinks Carter might want to be with his daughter just in case. Carter leaves.

In the trunk, Fargo lifts up a small panel to reveal a couple wires. "Is that the one-phay ire-way?" Larry asks, knowing that Tabitha doesn't know Pig Latin. He doesn't know it very well, either: "ig-pay atin-lay isn't one of her programmed anguages-lay." "Ut-shay up-ay, arry-Lay!" Fargo hisses. He wants to use the car's phone wire to call Allison and tell her what he found out at the site, while Larry would rather call someone to help them. It doesn't look like either of them will get what he wants, as Tabitha HALs "Douglas, what are you doing?"

Allison's cell phone rings, and why didn't Fargo just call that number in the first place when he was at the site? Also, is right next to her unborn child really the best place to keep that phone? I know we don't really have any proof that those things cause cancer, but still. Allison doesn't give Fargo enough time to tell her anything before she puts him on to talk to Carter. With that, Tabitha hangs up the phone. Well, those are some serious minus points for Allison for what just happened.

In the GD sick bay, Carter reports that the kids are trying to get out again and he thinks they should shut the grid down right now. Allison gives the order to Henry, and the grid is deactivated. On Main Street, all the cars stop at the same time. The pizza delivery guy who looks a lot like Ron Livingston is especially concerned because this will seriously effect the 30 minutes or less guarantee. At GD, the teens collapse. But all is not well, as Carter tends to Zoe and finds her looking catatonic.

After the break, the teens are back in bed. Henry says they're in a state of heightened REM sleep. Oh, that could be fun. Dreams are cool. I dreamt last night that I was stuck back in high school but I got to sass all my teachers with no repercussions. It was great! Henry says the teens seem to be suffering more severe effects from the grid deactivation, probably because they were the first on the grid and therefore most affected. The shitty driver adults who were put on the system later seem to be able to wake up from time to time. Carter regrets shutting the system down now. From his bed, Zane sleepily mutters that his system wasn't sophisticated enough to control a human brain. Henry says it could have interacted with a signal that was only strong enough to reach them at night when the sun was down, reducing the interference. But he then dismisses that idea since they used an encrypted signal on smart asphalt to avoid it running into any local interference like that. Um, Henry? Aren't you forgetting about that whole approaching signal from outer space?

Larry has reason to celebrate: he found a Mr. Big bar buried underneath empty cups of Vinspressos. He kindly offers Far

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