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Field of Screams
go half, but Fargo refuses, saying he doesn't want his last meal to be half of a Mr. Big bar. "Drama queen!" Larry says. I love Larry. He says he's not worried about this at all, since Tabitha is only mad at Fargo. Fargo points out that Larry said Tabitha smelled like feet. He starts to look worried. The road becomes bumpy, and Fargo guesses they're driving on the Da Vinci bridge. Now Larry looks very worried. He makes sure to put the entire blame for this mess on Fargo, who never met an object he couldn't turn psychotic thanks to his special A.I. programs. Fargo starts to reminisce about Tabitha, and how she was a great car that never let him down (except for all the times she broke) and he sold her without even saying good-bye as soon as something new and better came along. "Seriously, you deserve to die," Larry says in between sobs. Fargo ignores him and strokes the car, saying he's sorry for letting her down. He asks for her forgiveness and then suddenly he's barking out orders for her to contact Allison. It doesn't work. Tabitha keeps right on driving on that endless road while Larry moans that he's going to die a virgin. TMI.

At GD, a scientist walks by wearing a purple labcoat. Okay, really? Am I being overly observant or is this intentional? And why? Are they trying to show their loyalty to the new Syfy channel by dressing everyone in its purple colors? Carter explains to Tess and Allison that the smart asphalt served as an amplifier for a signal ordering people to build those towers, but they don't know the source or reason for that signal. FINALLY, Tess suggests it might be from The Signal. It took someone with three Ph.Ds to point out the obvious. Allison and Tess launch into a bunch of big words until Carter reminds them that he's there and clueless. They say The Signal wanted them to build that device. Tess finds this awesome, but Allison thinks it's terrifying because I guess she hates being ordered around. She heads off to tell Weinman to work even harder on his planetary defense grid just in case they need it. Tess, of course, hates this idea but is distracted from her protests when she sees something on a computer pad. Apparently, The Signal has been doubling in strength every 4.4 seconds and no longer needs smart asphalt as its amplifier. Now they have no way to stop Eurekans' brains from receiving the commands.

Henry calls Carter, Allison, and Tess to the rotunda, where, sure enough, various GD employees are walking out the door with blank looks on their faces and random devices in their hands. Zoe is among them, and Carter tries once again to talk to her like she isn't under the influence of mind beams from outer space. At least this time he gets a non-physical response: "Dad, it's gonna be okay," she says with a peaceful smile.

Fargo and Larry are still in the trunk and have decided to spend their last minutes on Earth fighting over who hates who more. The car stops, and Larry hugs Fargo in terror. "This is the worst death ever!" Fargo moans. It's not great, but it's still better than being set on fire. Suddenly, the trunk opens and Jo is standing over them, finding their understandable terror amusing. Tabitha tried to call Allison after all, but when her cell phone didn't pick up (thanks to the product placement's crappy coverage, no doubt), she called Jo instead because her product placement station wagon can get them to GD faster than she can. Fargo agrees, but promises to make things up to Tabitha or whatever. Larry just wants to make sure no one ever knows anything about their hug. "What happened in the trunk stays in the trunk," Fargo says.

Non-mind-controlled people set up at the site watch as the mind-controlled people work. Carter is worried, but Tess finds the whole thing "monumental." Allison and Weinman arrive, and Allison says they don't have cell reception anymore so they'll have to communicate to Henry back in GD telemetry via a video link. Whoever The Signal belongs to will be in Eureka in about an hour, Allison says. She sends Weinman back to GD to arm the weapons just in case, and once a-freaking-gain, Tess protests. If the aliens do end up being hostile, I really hope they shoot Tess first, and she stays alive long enough to realize she was wrong and hear Allison say "I told you so." With that, the tower devices hum with life and the zombies step back away from them. I know it's supposed to be sophisticated technology and all, but it still looks like it was made out of duct tape and kitchen pans and it's got Christmas lights all along the top. Frankly, it looks like the robot I made when I was 7. I'm not impressed. Suddenly, a bright blue light appears in the middle of Christmas-light ring that shoots up into the sky, like the top of the Luxor in Vegas.

After the break, Jo, Larry, and Fargo make their way to Allison. Things are dire and Fargo's news is urgent, but Larry still takes a second to point out that Jo's car has nice acceleration. "0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds," she grins. "Tabitha never rode the outside groove like this," Larry continues. Jo says that Tabitha did the best she could with what she had -- it's not her fault that she didn't have a better chasse. And it's not Fargo's fault for wanting a car that did! And this is all stupid! And 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds isn't even that great when you consider the fact that this town has all kinds of impressive transportation technology at its fingertips that leave these product placement consumer vehicles in the dust. Anyway, he decides to put Tabitha's AI program into his new product placement car. I don't care.

The big blue beam is causing all kinds of ionization to happen in the atmosphere. Tess thinks that's just great, but Allison points out that the entire ionosphere could be ignited if this keeps up. She wants to destroy The Signal thing before the sky burns down. Henry reports that the mystery object just passed Mars. Weinman says it'll take a few minutes to power his defense system on. Allison tells him to get ready to hit it with everything he has. Tess begs Carter to talk to Allison. About what? She's totally in the right here. I want aliens to come and visit too, but not if it's going to burn the sky down. There I draw the line. And they should know better. There's no point in inviting guests over if they're going to throw Molotov cocktails at your windows before they even get there. Zoe calls for her father. "You can't shoot it down," she says, obviously not herself. Carter says he doesn't have a choice -- if The Signal is putting people in danger, then that's what has to happen. Zoe says it isn't happening on purpose. "It's like, it's helping a friend," she says. Carter runs back and tells Allison that it's safe and there's no need to shoot it. Um, Zoe didn't say it was safe. She said it wasn't burning the sky down on purpose. That's different. Zane appears behind Weinman to say that the ionization level is high, but holding steady. While they recalculate the numbers to double-check, The Signal disappears. "Along with our chances of destroying it," Allison groans. Okay, maybe she is being a little trigger-happy here. She turns to a useless GD security officer and tells him to prepare a ground force to resist the mystery object. "We are not letting this thing touch down!" she barks.

Henry says they still can't find the object on their sensors, and Allison guesses they've cloaked themselves. LOL, Allison thinks she's in an episode of Star Trek or something. She orders the demolition team to take the towers down, even though Tess says that with all the energy they're currently pumping (not to mention that huge blue beam), blowing them up could be a terrible idea. Allison doesn't care. What got into her all of a sudden? Fortunately, Jo somehow knew where Allison was and arrives just in time with Fargo, who jumps out of the car and says the towers aren't a weapon after all, but a boson cloud exciter. Whatever that is, it gets Henry's attention. He mutters an "oh my god" and takes off. Fargo explains to Carter that a boson cloud exciter is the endpoint for a high-velocity space jump. "Like a g

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