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How I Could Just Kill A Dimension
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Oh, no. It's Lexi. I was hoping she'd stay on that yoga retreat thing for the rest of the season, but no, she's back in town and shopping for maternity clothes with Allison. Lexi doesn't think anything will fit her, but Allison explains that the store is a field lab for GD, and since when did outsiders get to know about GD? How does Lexi have the necessary government clearance? They enter the store, and the scientist/customer service representative has something for Lexi to beta test. Allison will not be beta testing anything, saying that she doesn't care that she looks like a whale since she's been pregnant before and is therefore used to it. Also because Lexi needs to wear the shirt for plot purposes, and Allison can't because Salli Richardson-Whitfield is actually pregnant in real life. "I still can't believe I'm doing this again. Alone," Allison says. When she talks about her first pregnancy, it's almost like she remembers that Kevin exists. Also, isn't it odd that both times someone impregnated Allison, he died? She's like a praying mantis. Lexi makes a sad face and says that she chose to go through this pregnancy alone because the father isn't the "settling down type." She could have at least given him the chance to tell her that. How mean to just leave without telling the guy he's going to be a father. It's stealing something from both the father and the children, and it's a big reason why I've never liked Lexi from the start. Other reasons include: she's annoying and the character is unnecessary. Allison gets a call back to GD and leaves Lexi to try on the shirt, which doesn't look like anything special but the scientist/CSR promises Lexi will love it.

Carter is driving when Jo calls to tell him that he is needed at GD because Allison and the GD security team are apparently incapable of handling a dispute between two scientists without his help. Weak, Allison. Carter heads for GD before he's stopped by a car parked in the middle of the road. He decides GD can wait while he writes out "the mother of all parking tickets." Meanwhile, does he not see that the car has crazy tire marks that don't seem physically possible for a car to even make? Sheriff Andy would have noticed them. I miss Sheriff Andy, you guys. And Stark. Carter finds the car's driver emerging from the woods zipping up her pants, which never looks good. You just really don't ever want the police to find you in the process of zipping up your pants, because it means you've probably just done something that will be really embarrassing on your arrest report. The woman complains about the lack of rest stops after she chose to drink a gallon of soda, so we can infer that she was just peeing. The process of peeing on the side of the road is a much different and more complex experience for a woman than it is a man, so she must have really, really had to go to be desperate enough to do that. Especially since she's just a mile away from a public restroom. Carter doesn't care about the potential public indecency and public urination charges, just telling her that she can't park across both lanes of a two-lane street. Or in any lanes, really. The woman denies doing this, but when confronted with the sight of her car sitting in the middle of the road, says she must have had to pee so badly that she slid her car out into the middle of the street, left it there, and totally forgot. At the point where you have to pee so bad that it causes amnesia, I'm pretty sure you've already peed in your pants. The woman is really rude to a guy who could give her an expensive ticket, implying that he's stupid and useless and driving off without even thanking him for not giving her a ticket. So that's another new character I won't like.

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